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I am more accurate with my pump then a semi - but I think in pump games I take that extra second to "aim" and position a bit better. In speedball I am so worried about getting the shots off and getting back into my bunker that I probably don't take the time. I don't enjoy playing pump against semi - and find when I do my accuracy drops - obviously I hurry more.
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Vertical foregrip vs. horizontal foregrip and fanning a double trigger are interrelated for me. I grew up shooting real steel, so a horizontal foregrip is far more comfortable for me. A vertical grip just does not work well for me at all. Also, I can't fan the trigger with my wrist in the acutely bent position that seem popular now. However, to shoot that way, a vertical grip is almost necessary as it gives better stability for that manner of shooting.

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When playing with my electro I would always put my hand in the area between where the barrel/ lpr and HPR all meet the body of the gun. I'd wrap my index and middle fingers around the front and bottom of the lpr and wrap my thumb over the top of the barrel/ breech area just in front of the feedneck. (I'd hold different guns slightly differently, this is just how it worked out on my marker.)

It looks weird but brings your non-shooting arm up higher. It always gave me better control because it puts more of the gun's weight under where my hand was which acted like a pendulum or counterweight to keep the gun upright with less effort. Its also gives you a much more substantial grip on the gun than when holding a vert reg or pump handle. Stronger grip+ natural tendency to remain upright =really quick and precise gun control.

It also feels more natural because its in between the two hand positions presented by OP's pictures.

I hold my sniper in the traditional pump way, using the pump handle. Its hard not to when you need to pump the gun often lol. But with pump guns there usually isn't a bloated 2lbs hopper sitting on top so you don't have to constantly fight gravity to keep the thing upright.

When I need to pump fast (no AT) I will hold the barrel just in front of the pump handle with my index finger and thumb. Then I pump with my other 3 fingers resting on the front face of the pump handle, letting the return spring finish chambering the ball.

This tends to be more accurate for me because instead of moving my whole hand and arm I just need to use 3 fingers. Think of it as how you use a hitman mod but this time you hold the barrel in front of the grip not the hpr.

But hey, maybe I'm just weird..

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