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The Fundamentals of Paintball

The Fundamentals of Paintball

hey all - I coach baseball and paintball - and in my early morning slumber I got to thinking what exactly are the fundamentals of paintball?

Baseball Fundamentals

catching (glove placement, feet, two handed, one handed, bare handed)
throwing (infield, outfield, catcher, pitcher, crazy double play)
fielding (infield, outfield, movement to ball, ball out front, throwing hand placement, hips, head)
hitting (bunting, head, hips, hands, grip, elbows)
base running (leads, steals, running, sliding)
situational defense

Paintball Fundamentals...
We lets say I'm starting to think this one through... I appreciate any guidance and discussion offered here. Ill be brain storming some, so please pardon the incomplete thoughts.

questions in your opinion :

how much does "bait" play into your fundamental actions?

how much does the object of the game play into your actions?

how granular is the shot? one action, or a series of actions? instinctive or premeditated?

how granular is movement? pro-active, or reactive? instinctive or premeditated?

playing bunkers?

tree walking / tree dancing?

the bait and switch?

moving others?


Where is everyone?

communicating to teammates?




Fire discipline
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Where is everyone?

Paintball is a team sport - nearly always played team on team.. good guys & bad guys. There also an objective some where on the field.

The questions to keep in your head at all times are these:

** Where are the good guys?

** Where are the bad guys?

** If not sure where the bad guys are, where are they likely to be, or where are they likely headed? If I was them, what would I do?

** How long had it been since the sneaky-sneaky types were spotted, and where are they likely to go? (taking a tangent : if they are tricky, which way are they trying to make me think they are going)

Most veteran ballers do a fair job of keeping a mental map in their head of the likely moves the bad guys are making - and where the good guys are. Point is, when you hear a shot - update your mental map.. listen for the sound of the gun, and track it - again updating your map. (side note: keep in mind, when you shoot, they also update their "maps")

If you don't know where a lot of the players on both sides are : go get in the game.
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Laning would be the most important paintball skill to list, imho.

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Tree Walking / The Tree Dance:

I recall one of the first games I played when the dance was introduced to me. Sneaky Pete Hernandez was playing his phantom, and just out of my range. The field was littered with large pines. I'm blasting away with my trusty PMI-3 trying to hit anything - and I blink, and he is gone. 3 seconds later Pete appears out of no where 50 feet way posted a few feet behind a large pine - and he starts plinking at me. I think I got him that time with some lucky panic fire - but the lesson stayed with me.

The tree dance steps

** look at your opponent's position and for any weaknesses it may have.

** look for any large cover near his position that could be used to gain advantage

** move laterally at first, then line the large cover up so that the cover blocks his view of you.

** turn 90 degrees and advance rapidly and quietly -- moving your head from shoulder to shoulder - if you can see him, he can see you. If not, you are ok. Try and keep his position "centered" in the obstacle as you move. Keep your shoulders in tight so he can't see you advance.

** once you are few feet out from the obstacle, stop and wait and listen. Once he shoots at anything other than you, line up your shot, pop out, aim, and one ball him.

side note: a few trees may lined up to serve as one big tree. This cluster obstacle can be better for you as your opponent is less likely to consider it as a potential threat. Play it the same way as the big tree - but me more mindful of gaps between the trees and your loosing the element of surprise.

side note: if you take him out with only one ball - there is a good chance you can take his cover... two things to keep in mind... First : watch for friendly fire. Quietly signal to your team that you have his cover/bunker. And Two, your opponent's teammates may still think they hold that ground. Move quickly and decisively to capitalize on the problem w/ their mental map. Again, watch for friendly fire... Back to back moves puts you way down range. Once the gap is large - flank the strongest or closest to allow your allies a clear corridor to advance.

caution : The tree dance is harder to do if there is more than one shooter - spaced out into a cross fire. In this stitation you may be able to rotate until they are aligned - and then take the closest. Or: look for two obstacles. Tree walk with the better obstacle, and use the other obstacle for cover against cross fire. If you look at veteran woods ballers you will frequently see them standing in the open in cross fire - but not being shot at... Next time, take a closer look at the cover they are using.
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Originally Posted by Drum View Post
Laning would be the most important paintball skill to list, imho.

^ lol. I don't even think that makes the list.
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Shoot them before they shoot you!

Kidding aside I agree with the tree walking and how to move on the field in general.
Also, how to shoot from behind a bunker, not popping out in the same place over & over, not to close to the bunker, etc.
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Breaking the psycological fear of getting shot. Weather or not a person can overcome this is the difference between comeing back or just playing Halo.
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1-play to your strengths (the team is great but you should know what you want to do and how to do it, otherwise you cant help the team)

2-COMMUNICATION! one of the biggest problem i see when i play is that people don't communicate well and then you have problems

3-know how to play the field.......

will add more as i think of them
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