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i personally enjoy brents "he, he ..." after he asks us where to shoot us.
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Have you guys considered doing a soft target test for breakage?

Originally Posted by Mayvik View Post
Look at it this way, at least you had pants on when your mom walked in.


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Originally Posted by blackrain View Post
I liked this alot,but I want to chime in for the dumb people that will look at this and say "see it breaks at 125ft".

Please remember that punk works used a solid back ground,not a human body. Also note that the ball did bounce at 40ft during human test.

Over all this was an excellent test and happy you took the time to do it.
and it bounced off that board once or twice.
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I propose we make a brass guillotine.
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now if only you guys could measure the force of impact for each shot...
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I want to see somebody get bunkered and tell us the pain difference! None of this silly 40 feet stuff. I have a feeling that smaller projectile with a 290 fps muzzle velocity will have a good bit more sting! Show us some welts... for science.
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appreciate your guys time and most in depth review.

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I would love a 50 cal insert kit for my Redux, really. Mongo hope you read this thread

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Originally Posted by russc View Post

All that is necessary for evil to triumph is for good men to shoot nothing.
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here's some info on how quickly they slow down:

.50 cal vs .68 cal flight time comparison

the info is using this audio from the video we took:

I haven't done the math - but the mean difference was 20 fps - which means significantly more than 20 fps slower at 125'.

this seems to line up with what all of the math was indicating.

It also reveals a flaw in many of our thought processes about .50 cal. We mostly agreed that it wouldn't go as far - but for the most part we assumed that meant it would be less accurate as well.
-Bryce Larson
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I wonder where the .50 cal paint came from for these tests?
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Based on the raw numbers, GI Milsim might have missed their ideal marketing demographic. Somehow I think players how like "speedball" and indoor fields will reap the benefits of .50 cal and the "woodsball" players will probably see .68 cal as their preferred paint.
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