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Originally Posted by greenmtnphantom View Post
Or will you see fields offer 12ies for sale again? I can get Leland for about $.30 each a field should be able to sell them at Walmart Prices and still make money off them.
Unless they give an entrance fee discount to stock class players I'd still opt for air most of the time. Even then it might not work out. Fox4 had discounts for pump players until that was abused. Most of the places I play all day air is included with the entrance fee or "free".
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While I see a possible growth in pump play in general, and in guns with stock-style horizontal feeds, I don't think that the use of 12-gram cylinders will, or should, see a big increase. It just doesn't make any economic sense for players to intentionally switch to guns that require a constant supply of disposable cylinders when the infrastructure for all-day-air compressed gas fills is already available.

I've had my Phantom for right around a year and have only run it on 12-grams once, and even then I felt like I was throwing away perfectly good money (and literally, throwing away perfectly good steel).
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Of course, I remember when Stock-class was just "Paintball." We didn't have a choice (besides Splatmasters, PGPs & Nelspot 007s).

I can definitely see a major surge of pump players - happening now and into the future, as it seems that people get hooked rather easily (I certainly did, once I went back to it). Along with that, you'll find that small minority of SC players will increase along similar lines - still a small number, but sizable nonetheless.

For the "next big thing" - I will be very interested to see what the .50 fallout will be and if another manufacturer steps in with something really new and improved.
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Originally Posted by Shawn_Savage View Post
I don't think we'll see a resurgence in stock class. The 12 grams are just too annoying (IMO) and I prefer a constant feed of air. 10 ball tubes don't bother me as much but I think it'll stay at open class because of the hassle.

I think pump is coming back to increase the pace of games. Stock class may be seen as slowing it back down
More or less agree with this, stock class is kind of pointless with the advent of limited paint formats. There isn't really much stock class brings that limited paint open class doesn't or can't.
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