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i am not sure if someone has brought this up, but with the mounting method you show, how are you going to quickly remove the bolt to swab the breech? it looks like you would be stuck, unless you want to remove the pull pin. have you thought about having the pump rods go back to the rammer back cap and making a rammer cap and rammer that connects to the pump rods (instead of directly to the bolt). Should help stablize the pump rods so less play (think ccm t2) looks like it would give you the cleaner execution people are asking for. just a thought, i would love to pump my etek.
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I don't see how pulling the pin and removing the bolt is any different from a normal Ego...
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on an Ego you only lift the pin and slide the bolt out. with a pump sled you will have to remove the pin completely, on an Ego bolt this means lifting the pin half way and twisting to release the ball which will then come flying out with the spring when you pull the pin. Putting it back will be even harder.
best thing would be to make something in the sled to hold the pin, or the simplest way is to make it a snug fit through the sled.
a new bolt with the ball and spring threaded from the rear would work too.(just like ICD, WGP and Impulse bolts)
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We have it set as a tight fit as of now, makes disassembly easy on the field.
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i find this easy to masturbate to
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is it too late to get in on this?
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Any news on design and manufacturing date??
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i've been in a freak bore mode for the last few weeks.... 44 bores in the last 4.5 weeks

no time for much else....
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Take me out for the 2 kit.
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I'd like a black/black pretty please. I know I'll be in the tail end but, I'll wait. Thank you.
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I may have to find an Ego!

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