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EgoP Pump Kit Sales Thread!

First run Pre-Order is now full!!!! Post/PM me to get on a waiting list in case anyone drops out, or to get on the 2nd run. Once on the waiting list we will go in order down the list to fill any open spots.

So super_stanchy and I are now ready to start machining pump kits for the Planet Eclipse Ego/Etek line of markers

These Will work for all years of Egos and the Etek Line as well!
So, if you're Interested (for now) post up here to reserve your spot!

Make sure you put the color and whether you'd prefer a aluminium or delrin pump handle!

We are doing a limited run of a minimum of 75 kits.

Price will be between $100-$110 USD

What is included:
1x Pump Guide Arm - Replaces LPR cover, just swap internals and scew in
1x Shortened bolt pin - Doesn't connect with rammer, connects pump arm to bolt
1x Pump Arm - Transfers pump motion to the bolt
1x Pump - Self Explanatory
1x Pump Return Spring - Self Explanatory (not shown)
4x Pump Arm mounting screws - Attaches pump arm to pump (Not shown in renderings..oops)

We will be anodizing roughly half of the kits black and leaving the rest unanodized.

The unanodized kits can be then anodized to match existing markers at the bequest of the customer.

Pump handles will be a mix of unanodized aluminium and black delrin.

Onto the important stuff: Pictures/Video!!!
Q/A From the thread, more footage of prototype firing
EgoP Q/A

Prototype Firing (So you know it works)

"Pictures" (rendered images showing final product)
Raw Aluminium

Black Anodized


On Markers:

("On" my personal ego)

Black kit with delrin pump on white ego:

All black

List of who's interested and color*:
2. Heaton -Black/Delrin
3.Super Stanchy
4. Benaiah -Black/ Delrin
5. Deathwish_DW - Black/Delrin
6. Daze - Black/ Dlerin
7. honculada - Black/Delrin
8. Wico90 - black/delrin
9. dm6rocker - raw sled/shiner blue pump
10. mcnchez - black/delrin
11. Trikstep - black and delrin
12. Allblack - Raw/delrin
13. L0pper -Black/delrin
14. gross2 - Black/Delrin
15. Syrup49 - Black/ delrin
16. BattleSpam - Black/delrin
18. DingoB - Raw/ Delrin
19. Tugboater203 - black/delrin
20. HenryBG - Black/Delrin
21. chatua -Black/Delrin
22. tybalt762 -Raw/Aluminium
23. ANTIHERO -Black/Delrin
24. num3n -Black/Delrin
25. num3n -Black/Delrin
26. Crashkt90 -Black/Delrin
27. dneyn -Clear/Delrin
28. Cop3rZ - Black/Delrin
29. cmgarcia79 - Black/Delrin
30. rudz - Cyan/Delrin
33. Shru - Black/Delrin
35. L.I Caretaker -Black/AL (Black ano'd)
36. Omero - Black/Delrin
37. noctem89 - black/Raw pump
38. honk - pink/delrin
39. extreme4life - black/delrin
40. trail - PINK/Delrin
41. Moby - Black/Delrin
42. 2slow4me - Black/Delrin
43. 2slow4me - Black/Delrin
44. shadow102 -Cyan/Delrin
45. smellslikepork - Black/Delrin
46. lab79rat - Raw/AL
47. Snackpack-Black/Delrin
48. Paintfreak98 -Black/Delrin
49. Xennocide -Black/Delrin pump
50. Nick - Black/Black AL pump
51. gotcha- Black/Black
52. snowcat -Black/Delrin
53. R3minisc3 -Black/Delrin
54. jwongie -Black/Delrin
55. chickenbot5 - Raw
56. voodooballer -Black/Delrin
57. voodooballer -Black/Delrin and extra AL pump
58. jonny lunchbox -Raw/Delrin
59. deadbodyboy- black/Delrin
60. woody124 - Black/Delrin
61. u812many - Black/Delrin
62. chopper duke- Black/Delrin
63. **Entropy** - Black/delrin
64. Big Phil - Black/Delrin
65. 1337 Walrus - Black/Alum
66. tagroland - Black/Delrin
67. 2slow4me - Black/Delrin
68. 2slow4me - Raw/Delrin
69. 2slow4me - Raw/Delrin
70. rayko - Black/Delrin
71. wiggles01- Black/delrin
72. wiggles01 -Black/Delrin
73. - Raw/AL
74. Beardy Joe -Black/Delrin
75. Mastershake- Black/Delrin

Painthappy - Black/Delrin
bmx2much X 2 -1x Raw and 1x black
Godfather987 x 2 - Raw/Delrin, Black/AL
DOOMSDAYdevice - Black Delrin
gaby_3_6 - Black/Delrin
sQuidvision - Black/Delrin
stress69 - Black/Delrin
BYERS- Black/Delrin
Soxfan88 - Black/Delrin
Updated list as of 4-21-12 at 19:04 CST
Originally Posted by heinous View Post
i find this easy to masturbate to

Tinkerer/ Pump lover
Team Akkadian Paintball Squad


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I'd like black/black combo!
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Will this work for Eteks also?
Singleshot's Feedback
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I'd be interested in a Black kit with a delrin handle.
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Originally Posted by singleshot View Post
Will this work for Eteks also?
As far as I know yes. the LPR threading is the same on the Etek line as it in on the egos, so the Pump Guide Will fit on, which is the main component.
Originally Posted by heinous View Post
i find this easy to masturbate to

Tinkerer/ Pump lover
Team Akkadian Paintball Squad

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That is pretty cool, if I had an ego I'd deffinetly get one
Milwaukee Throwback(kinda...its really complicated)

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Brass and Wood Fan
I would like black/black delrin for etek.

Savage Paintball Team
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Damn. That's the fastest prototype to production I've ever seen.
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barrels are like women - everyone likes them for their subtle differences and personal preferences. ALthough at this price, they cost substantially less than women.

(caution: barrels are not like women, do NOT insert your p3nis into a barrel)
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Black/Delrin for me!
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black derlin for an etek
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