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Submersible-Systems 8CI paintball tanks!! 0 IN-STOCK!

Update 3/18/2013: These are gone people. If you want one, best to peruse the B/S/T. Maybe one will show up.

You can also buy them directly from spare air for a measly $140 plus shipping. They also have the elusive 18ci Tank too. If you want a direct line to their marketing people throw me a PM. Call 'em and ask about it.

Good luck to you all, maybe in a couple years I'll do another one.


(last chance to get in on febuarary 8th!)

Hey everybody,

Once upon a time I tried a pre-order for these baby's but it didn't pan out. After talking with the manufacturer I can get these tanks for $80 with 25 people (not including shipping) They retail for $140!!!!

When the 13ci tank came out it was also expensive. However people jumped on board and ponied up the cash, and now we have the cheap chump change 13ci tank. By supporting this pre-order you can sleep good at night knowing that you helped start something that you may see on your field on regular basis someday.

Anyway, down to the nitty gritty:

This will be roughly the size of the a 3.5oz tank. This would be great for winter time play on your phantom, buzzard, superstocker, you name it.

Some of you weirdo's with tiny arms and halfblocked guns may like it on your bottom line setup.

They will yield around 100+ shots depending on your setup.(My tank should arrive this week around the 14th... Will update with efficiency test.

Maximum Capacity 1.1 cu ft / 31.15 liters
Length 7.25" / 18.42 cm
Diameter 2.25" / 5.71 cm
Maximum Pressure 3000 psi / 200 bar
Weight (full) 1.23 lb. / .58 kg
Surface Breaths* 20
Water Volume 9.46 cu in / .155 liters
*Based on 1.6 liters per breath

They will be annodized black.
5/8" - 18 UNF 2B threaded (Any common regulator should fit.)

Like I said $80 is the price for just these tanks. Shipping should be around $4 first class mail. Delivery confirmation is included in the shipping price INSURANCE IS NOT. if you want it, it's extra. You will need to pay the paypal fee.

The total with fee and shipping is $86.81

If you can find a way to ship these little baby's cheaper let me know.

This is how it will work. Post or pm me your paypal address. Once we reach about 25 people (maybe leave about 5 days or so for more people to jump on) I will send a mass invoice requiring money from all the people on the list. I like it this way since I'm not holding on to anyones money for a long period of time.

However if you want to send me a money order or anything else besides paypal, Pm me. I will need time to deposit that money into my bank account so I can pay the manufacturer with all the other orders.

After I get the money from everybody I will pay submersible systems. Lead time should be about 2 weeks. A bigger order might take 3.

After the three weeks I will start shipping them. Understand THREE IMPORTANT THINGS before signing up for this pre-order:

1.) I am a college student finishing my final semester of classes, and doing this for the benefit of others. I need to ship them individually in my spare time after I get them.
2.) I am making virtually no money off this.
3.) I am not responsible for you incorrectly installing a regulator and killing/injuring yourself. Please have a qualified airsmith install the regulator if you are not capable.

If there are any questions Pm or post here!

Thank you all!

2.Tedaut (paid) shipped
3.wrongbloke (paid) sold to redthirst
4.ApoC_101(what a badass)
5.ApoC_101 (paid)
6.ApoC_101 (paid)
7.ApoC_101 (paid)
8.Russc (paid)
9.Tiny (paid)
10.B.R. (paid)
11.Keebler (paid)
13.wildgoat (paid)
15.Cruickid (Need your email!) (paid)
17.sonixr7 (paid)
18.sonixr7 (paid)
19.ironmaiden (Need your email!)
21.pakalolo (paid) shipped
26.Swiftbear (paid)
27.liverlip (paid)
28.paintballchick (paid)
29.beebs (Need your email!)
30.JMD00 (paid)sold to michaelm
31.super_stanchy (paid) shipped
32.BenoitOWN (Need your email!)

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Brass and Wood Fan
Pm'd you my Paypal addy for 1 tank.

MCB Feedback

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Also when you message me let me know if you'd like more than one!
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put me down for four of em, and again I'll post this in the R7 thread to help fill up the slots quick and get these awesome tiny tanks a rollin!!!
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I'll take one.
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I'll take one
For Sale/Trade
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im in for 1 please

peanut butter and jaaaaaaam!
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Ok im on board for one tank please. Pm is inbound with paypal info
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BigT is down for 1
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Originally Posted by Keebler View Post
Ok im on board for one tank please. Pm is inbound with paypal info
didn't get your pm
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