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Axe Performance Enhancement - Viton Orings - Less Friction & Longer Life!


Recently, I have been messing around with oring combinations on a few of my Axe set ups, and I've seen noteable improvements in the consistency, smoothness of the shot, and efficiency of my guns with these Viton Orings. I decided to spread the wealth and put together Viton Oring Kits that you could use in your Axe. Regardless of what bolt (even the stock bolt!) set up you have, with the correct install and setup, you will see results. I'm not going to sit here and tell you that it is going to make insane improvements because just orings won't! However, there are slight changes that will get you a little more out of the tank, get you a little smoother shot, and get you a little more consistent over the chronograph. For the price, I feel that they are definitely worth a try!

So what is special about Viton?
These orings function, look, and almost feel like BUNA orings. The only noticeable difference you would find if you compare the textures in your hand of the two different types of orings would be that the Viton orings have a little harder and smoother surface. Now I'm not going to get into the compound design and science of the oring, but when you use a Viton oring in the place of a BUNA oring (in a dynamic use of course - i.e. movement), you reduce friction. With reduced friction comes small gains mentioned in the above areas.

So what will I get?
You will get a total of 8 Viton Orings in your kit. You will recieve 2 of each size, of which there will be 017, 015, 012, & 011. The 017 and 015 are used on the bolt, and the 012 and 011 are used on the bolt guide. As far as exact set up, I have found that putting the 017 on the front slot of the bolt and the 015 on the rear slot of the bolt (or the spacer if you're doing this on a Lurker set up - yes it works great) has worked the best. Using 2 015 on the bolt will result in blowback and velocity issues. For the bolt guide, I've found that using 2 011 and a 012 on either the front or back of the guide has typically worked well. On my Lurker bolt setup, I used a 012 on both the front and back slot though to take out some slop. Without any break in of the orings, I was already able to maintain the same chronograph speeds without adjusting any of the gun settings.

So what is the cost?
For $6 via PayPal, you will get a Viton Oring Kit mailed to your house in a simple envelope with a stamp. For $3 more, you can have it sent with a padded envelope and tracking, but due to practicality, I believe the first method is the best.

Can I trust this dude?
I'm not putting this up here to try and scam you! If you don't feel confident in your ability to install one of these kits, then please don't purchase one. If you do feel confident, please don't expect massive changes in the function of your gun! I've got 70+ Positive Feedback at the moment, and I'm not about to risk that for selling you an Oring kit. The orings will be Viton, they will be mailed to you, communication will be great, and it will be a smooth transaction with your cooperation.

$6 Shipped and PayPal'd gets you Viton Orings in the following sizes: 2 @ 017, 2 @ 015, 2 @ 012, 2 @ 011. These orings create less friction and have a longer life than BUNA orings. I've also found that there is a minimal (if any) break in period on these orings, which significantly sets them apart from BUNA orings. Shipping across a US border is covered by you!






Full Kit (Dog Hair Not Included - LOL)

Full Packaged Kit

Kits Ready To Go

As I've said, don't pick these up expecting to drop your operating pressures by 20 psi on an aftermarket bolt! However, I've seen 5-10 psi drops capable with the correct lube (I reccomend MonkeyPoo - OringMonkey), oring sizes, and underbore. You need to be remotely knowledgable of servicing your Axe to be able to see these gains. Look into the Lurker Metal Polish method if you feel that your orings need a quick break in. However, in the 4 different setups I've had them in, I've yet to see a need for the metal polish break in like I did with my BUNA orings. Props to you if you just read all of this!

Payment & Questions:
Please PM me with any questions you may have before purchasing. Payment information will be recieved through a PM as well, but please post in this thread for feedback and reminder purposes.
My Feedback
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