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Pre-order on tank covers + Pre-order on leg rig - Carter Approved

Bottom is sewed close
2'' tanks hold 10tubes

13-22-2'' co2

Base price for 2'' air or co2 tank stockclass 30$ Shipped
Base price for tank sleeper 26.50$(no strap, no tube)
Base price for tank 50rds pods 32$(pod not included)
10rds tube are included if you choose stockclass loops

35$ Shipped
Only available if my local field carry them in order to be sure it will fit.
I haven't made those in the past but will give them a try.

Items are made in Quebec, Canada
High quality materials and professionnal sewing(Years of experience)
Canadian there is a 3$ extra charge as shipping cost me higher than usa

Buy a few for you and your friends and save $$$ as my price include shipping wich a part will be deducted.

Building to shipping ETA is: 3 weeks
Funds ain't use untill build get started and completed.

Accepting pre-order untill the end of April.
I can build extra when the leg rig order will be started.
I can supply to business owner as well. Minimum of 10 units.

Painthappy Approved pre-order

Orders list(If you are in bold you are paid):
- psychosplinter (13ci)
- splatmaster12 (13ci + 13ci for a friend, both black) 753W 03-30-13
- Diomedes (17ci 9-1/4 inches + 45ci, both black) 831B 03-30-13
- T-T (13ci) Pending international UK rate
- matteekay (4oz) 682T 04-11-13
- moving_target (13ci) Black 243N 04-07-13
- Jebus (13ci) Digital Camo 2834 04-06-13
- bankai47 Black 135N 04-25-13 (Other forum)

Also I am making a interest on Stockclass leg pouch
Built in dump pouch wich have closed top
10rds tube loops
12grams loops

I will have my prototype made with the order of the tank covers. Cost will be available once it is completed.

Update 03/04/13
First alteration that will difer from picture: lower loop for the tubes for speedcap use.

Price: 53$ Shipped - 6$ if you buy a tank cover along

Interest list:
- THE Hulk Black 04-04 643
- splatmaster12
- ilivlife
- kearns
- Bartman
- Falcon16
- 77monteballer
- babshaft
- rats (Black) 245W 04-13 Local pickup
- PumpMonkey_Dave Black

All pre-orders made with me is safe in the essence that we are 2 who is working on the softgoods.
Funds are only used when I go to pick up the products and I do pre-orders to make sure I have enoufh items for the interested people.
I doesn't like to sit on product not moving at home like I did in the past.

I have insurance on all package I sent out the door.
If you do not receive your package I usually clean out my ship receipt after 2 to 3month.
Claims must be made prior and I think it is 30days before I can start one.

Thanks for your business with me

Le Renard Youtube Channel

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Put me up for a stockclass tank cover for a 13/3000k.

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Interested in stock class leg pouch pending price.
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I'm all paid up for my two. Thanks again for doing another run.
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Selling a PPS Pug? I might be buying. PM me.
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1x 13ci stock class please! Take it you're PMing with PayPal?

We adding on for international shipping when you've priced it up?


EDIT: USPS would be wonderful. =)
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Any pics of a 4oz version?
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Interested in the leg harness depending on prototype pics. Will probably pick up a sleeper tank cover too if I get the leg harness.
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I am interested in a leg harness as well
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Paintball Fox
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I do not have a picture of a completed 4oz. If it the same lenght as a 3.5 but thicker the tubes would be longuer than the tank.

I will have some pic in april for the prototype(don't know when). Hopefully they will be able to be started at the same time than the cover.

Le Renard Youtube Channel
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