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New Run of Lapco .681 Phantom Barrels - reservation thread

For those that do not know me, I run Cooper's Cave Games and Paintball in South Glens Falls, NY. I have been discussing a run of small bore LAPCO barrels in the CCI forums and now that it is underway I am moving it to the dealer section.

Now that this order is actually underway I am opening reservations for this run of 30 LAPCO .681 Bigshot Barrels.
All 30 barrels will be gloss black anodized and 12" in length in Phantom thread.

Cost for the barrels will be $55 each.

You do NOT have to pre-pay to reserve a barrel. Only be a green member of this board and fully intend to take it. Just post here and I will add you to the list.

Once I have a specific delivery date from LAPCO I will open pre-ordering to those who have reserved 2-weeks in advance. Those that pre-pay before I take delivery will receive free shipping and shipment the day after I receive the barrels. (approved by tugboater203)

1 - Hellion360
2 - The Hulk (Paid)
3 - Fancyfingers (Paid)
4 - Fancyfingers (Paid)
5 - Johnnycope (Paid)
6 - Ratfink (Paid)
7 - Captain Morgan (Paid)
8 - Slim (Paid)
9 - Slim (Paid)
10 - Raptor69er (Paid)
11 - Redhawk
12 - Yannotti (Paid)
13 - Butters89 (Paid)
14 - Funsi00 (Paid)
15 - GlasgowMS (Paid David C)
16 - Skylar
17 - Skylar
18 - Turbowagonman (Paid)
19 - DoC19K (Paid)
28 - DoC19K (Paid)
20 - Steeltoe (Paid)
21 - Steeltoe (Paid)
22 - sethumich
23 - sethumich
24 - sonixr7 (Paid)
25 - PhantomGSI (Paid)
26 - PhantomGSI (Paid)
27 -
29 - Chupa83 (Paid Edamo)
30 - Phrick (Paid)
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Please add me to the list for a qty of 1.
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I'll take the 2 I requested. And I can paypal whoever, whenever for it.

Originally Posted by Axel View Post
40% buying
20% tinkering
15% drinking
10% cooking
5% gearing up
.9% walking
.1% pulling the trigger
You can play. Maybe not well. You'll fit in fine.
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its MCB, we single handedly keep the post office in business.
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I will take 1
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I will take one. I would like to pre pay as soon as that's available.
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i think the phantom needle is in my arm for good now..
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Please put me down for 1
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Please ad me to the list for one of them


Raptor69r`s feedback link:

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Just smooth and easy like a toothless hooker!

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I'll take two for now, and will pre-pay. Thanks.
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Put me down for one
Thanks RJ
You know you shoot a Phantom when you shoot more paint over the chrony verifying your FPS than you shoot in an entire game.

Originally Posted by jokers
I play pump because I'm a masochistic bastard who gets his jollies from being outgunned but not outplayed.

Originally Posted by yoder916 View Post
It's easy for people to think they are an all knowing pump player when your behind a keyboard. And nobody wants to be politically incorrect when giving advice on the forums, for everyone to criticize and judge, So I think the individuals speak with a little more pride than usual, because they want their peers to respect there opinion(s). I love playing pump, And if your pumping before you shoot, I don't give a **** whats in your hand, your family.
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Ratfink and those requesting to pre-pay ASAP.
I will open the pre-pay as soon as I have a confirmed delivery date. I don't want to take money without knowing when delivery will occur.
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