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Deathwish_DW 04-23-2014 01:07 AM

TFG Bolt Engine for Dangerous Power E1 / G3, G4 / G3 SpecR - - y0da&DW
3/19/17 Update

TFG DP G Series Bolt Engines are now for sale on TFG's Website!!

$50 for a bolt engine.
$15 additional for a bolt head (the kits are modular, so if you buy a G3 kit but want to use it in a G4 as well, just buy the G4 bolt head and vice versa) Two Fat Guys Paintball TFGPB | Premium Upgrade Performance Parts

Link ^^^^^^

**** Everything under this line is being kept for reference and may not reflect current pricing, performance, or other information. ****


3-23-15 ->>
All engines will be shipped by the end of the week. I ran out of tape and had to order another case.. doh!

As of 3-8-15, we have the production engines in hand. They are being assembled and undergoing final quality assurance before release.

Complete Engine, exploded view:

Complete G4/G5 Engine:

Pictures of the re-designed backcap on the G3, G4, and G5:





** This thread has been approved by Carter.

Two Fat Guys is proud to release our Bolt Engine for the Dangerous Power G series platform! w00t!

Jonathan and I (Jacob!) have worked for many months in order to bring these bolts to fruition. We have had some ups and downs along the way, and have gone through many prototypes to see what exactly we could do that would improve the overall performance of these markers.

[Beware of wordiness below, but it is important that you understand what went in to actually getting this engine ready to mow faces :D]

This engine was not made from scratch. Much of it was adapted from Jonathan's previous work while other aspects were explored from our joint ventures. As part of the prototyping process, we explored various valving and ways to mechanically time the marker as opposed to relying on electronics to fix a sub-par design. This led to a few interesting ways of overcoming the limitations of the G series platform as well as some of the tolerance issues we found in the markers. We purchased roughly 10 G series markers and multiple forms of test equipment to help record accurate data. We even enlisted the help of testers to get impartial results. [You guys rock!] We have tested the engines and tested them again. We have fixed minor issues with the prototypes using information from our own trials and from those of the testers. We have tried every combination of dwell, pressure, paint, barrel, and anything else we could think of in order to compare it to the stock engine and to other engines already on the market.

The end result is an excellent bolt engine that we are glad to put our names on.

From our testing, we have seen a minimum of a 12% increase shot per shot [when our test marker was leaking, actually] over existing aftermarket bolts on the market. We will not be releasing a general shot per tank number at this time due to the numerous factors that affect such a number. Our test markers were able to shoot an increased amount of paintballs compared to the stock bolt and compared leading aftermarket bolts; I think that is a fair enough way to put it. We have also tested the general consistency between the per ball FPS among our bolt and other leading aftermarket bolts. On average, our bolt was "tighter" by +/- 10 FPS. Anecdotal evidence suggests that our bolt is much quieter than many other markers on the market, but as sound is highly subjective, we will let you decide :)

The Bolt!

- Works for the G3 and G4 / G3 SpecR
*We have done limited testing of the G4 engine in the G5 without issue. We would like to test it a bit more, so we are not officially selling them for the G5 as of yet.*
- 12% Efficiency Increase over other bolts
- More Consistent by 10 FPS
- 1/8 NPT threaded back cap to use a gauge so you can monitor your operating pressure [Plug included!]
- Chamfered bolt tip to deal with ball clipping issues and the concentricity issues we found that plagued the stock bolt and other after market bolts
- Active Devolumization! (huh?)
--- See the weird section in the cross sectional render towards the rear of the engine in the back cap? Yeah! That thing!
Basically, as you shoot your marker, you are using air, right? Well, as you use up your air, you eventually have a lower pressure coming into the marker. This setup allows you to get more shots per tank as it stabilized the pressure in the dump chamber. It also works the same way under normal use in that it helps stabilize the dump chamber as the pressure is expended.
- Values specified are at manufacture's recommended settings.
- 2x O-Ring Rebuild Kit
- Oring chart / diagram
- Stickers!!!!!
- Snazzy plastic carrying tube

Oh.. and.. MODULARITY!

This is a major pet peeve of ours. Companies bleed customers dry on upgraded parts and revisions. Some even release a product when they know they can do better and then release these "upgrades" later to cash in. That's not our style.
This bolt engine was designed with modularity in mind. Do you own our engine for the Dangerous Power G3 and want to use this engine in your G4? No problem! Pick up a spacer ring and another bolt head, swap the parts, and you're good to go. You don't have to buy a whole new engine. :) What happens if we release periodic updates or fixes? What if you want the latest and greatest? The engine is designed so that anything we do is a drop in replacement. Again, you do not need to buy whole new parts - you just swap them and go.

By now you're probably asking about.. PRICING!

These bolt engines will retail for $60USD.
The base engine will be sold for single platform use. ex: G3 OR G4 bolt engine ONLY.
If you would like to order an additional bolt head, it will be $15 extra.
ex: you want the COMPLETE Engine for use in a G3 and G4 -> $60 + $15 = $75USD


The price for pre-ordered engines is $50!! [You still need to add $15 if you want the whole thing!]

Yup, you read that correctly. If we come out with any updates or revisions, etc for the bolt engine which improve the function of the bolt engine to a large extent, you will get those parts for free. This does not mean that you get a free back cap if we redesign it or get a free spacer kit for when we come out with compatibility for other DP markers. Yes, it will be transferable..

Please understand that in the event of any manufacturing issues, there will be a delay in delivery.
We have appropriate funds, time, and pre-existing designs to step in and fix any issues that may occur.
We will be up front with everything we can be and we understand if people wish to drop out of said pre-order due to such an issue.
While we do not foresee any issues since we have used this manufacturer before since we have used them on multiple occasions, it is best to be cautious.

We are looking at a 4-6 week manufacturing time frame with an additional week or so for QA, building, and shipping.


Shipping is INCLUDED for all orders shipping within the USA.
All international orders must contact me for a shipping quote!


USA Orders via Paypal - Please click one of the "Buy Now" buttons below and make sure to put your username and shipping address.
International orders and other payment options - please send me a PM or email me at Becker [at] beckerpaintball [dot] com.

G3 Bolt Engine

G4 Bolt Engine

G3 + G4 Bolt Engine

Pre-Order List!

1. ca_tectonics - G4 [Paid]
2. geckx7 - G4 [Paid]
3. Liverlip - G3 + G4 [Paid]
4. GhostJedai - G3 [Paid]
5. AyyPetey - G3 [Paid]
6. Michael B. - G3 [Paid]
7. AndrewTheWookie- G3 + G4 [Paid]
8. Dedloc - Tyson - G4 [PAID]
9. jerryjjackson69 - G3 [Paid]
10. darkh2o - G3 + G4 [Paid]
11. supergyro - G4 [Paid]
12. xxerexx - G4 [Paid]
13. ACS - G4 [Paid]
14. EosPrometheus - G3 + G4 [Paid]
15. Rkenders - Complete G3 + Complete G4 [Paid]
16. JH Alignment - G4 [Paid]
17. Schrock - G4 [Paid]
18. Peter C. - G3 [Paid]
19. Skylor S. - G4 [Paid]
21. TyMcneer - G3 [Paid]
22.Daniel M. - G3+G4 [Paid]

That's about it for now.
If you have any questions or comments, feel free to post up or send Jonathan [y0da900 on here] or myself a message and we will get back to you as soon as we can.

**** Please note that this thread will be updated with information and will have the verbiage changed as we see fit to make it express ourselves clearer and to make it more concise if possible. We will also update it with any information that we are requested to add or that comes up from discussion. I'm also pretty tired at this point, so I probably messed something up somewhere :P We need to get some better renders up once we buy Jonathan some more hamsters as well..

Old Pictures and Videos at various stages of development...
[Because prior art and proof that we did it, yo.]

Valafar 04-23-2014 01:40 AM

Man, I gotta get one of these...

YeloSno 04-23-2014 01:41 AM


Deathwish_DW 04-23-2014 01:43 AM


Originally Posted by Valafar (Post 2944874)
Man, I gotta get one of these...

You do!


Originally Posted by YeloSno (Post 2944875)

Awesome :)

We've had one pre-order already and looking at having our second in a little bit.. :P

CA_Tectonics 04-23-2014 01:45 AM


Originally Posted by Deathwish_DW (Post 2944876)
We've had one pre-order already


Yup. That's me ;) .

geckx7 04-23-2014 01:47 AM

Here comes my money!

pump 04-23-2014 02:33 AM

Oh wow

7paintball 04-23-2014 07:18 AM

Great guys putting out a great bolt! Can not wait to stock these.

Darkh2o 04-23-2014 08:19 AM

I'm here! I need to get one of these! :)

Dedloc 04-23-2014 09:01 AM

Want :)

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