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SHAG 11-08-2007 11:51 AM

Clearance Sale All kinds of items

My local dealer, Predator's Den Paintball in Newton, NJ asked me to post these items for him. I have possession of the goods and I will be handling the transactions for him. Items are "new in packaging" unless otherwise stated in item description(i.e. removed from packaging for display purposes...) Please read the rules, Thanks!

The Rules...

1. Shipping I would like to keep it mainly US residents. However, someone from up north wants to buy something. Shipments under 1 pound go US Mail first class. Anything that maybe over a pound will have to be quoted out. Once dropped off at the post office, I am not responsible for transit times, delays, customs, taxes, duties, lost shipments or anything else that would not be in my control. I will notify you when the item is shipped. The shipping label is generally a computer generated label for a software program I have. As long as you give me the correct address, I will ship it there. This applies to both US and Canadian residents.

2. All sales are final! This is a clearance sale. No trades for items either. I do not make, imply or any other dealings a warranty on the product directly or indirectly. The manufacturer may still have a warranty period on the item. Items are described as well as possible. Not responsible for any hidden damage on the item since items are in still new in packaging.

3. Payment Options Pay pal is preferred for fastest service. I also accept Money Orders. However, Predator's Den does accept Master Card, Visa and I think Discover now. (No AMEX yet) If you preferred to pay that way, please PM me and I will make the arrangements for it. This arrangement will take a few extra days. I will try to expedite this payment option to the best of my abilities.

4. Prices Prices include shipping for US residents/ deliveries. Canadian residents please contact me for price quote. [See shipping below for shipping methods] Multiple items can be combined for a shipping discount.

USPSPM = USPS Priority Mail
USPSFC = USPS First Class

5. Shipping Items will generally ship using USPS Priority Mail with Delivery Confirmation. However, there will be cases where sending the item this way will be too expensive for all parties involved. Those items will be sent USPS First Class mail. Tracking cannot be guaranteed with first class mail. Once the item is with the US Post Office, I am not responsible for any acts of god from the drop off point. If you want another delivery service like UPS or Fedex, please let me know and i will look into getting a quote for the freight.

6. Feedback is exchanged upon completion of the sale!!!!

Sorry to be so long about this. I am doing this for a friend and I do not want to see his good name screwed or mine. There is no rhyme or reason with the order of the goods. It is just being pulled from the box as I go along. Now to the goods...

Airgun Designs Products

AGD Grey Sight Rails
Old school sight rails from the back in the day!
Slipped over the backside of the body

1 in stock

Price: $10 (USPSPM) each ONE IS SOLD

Smart Parts Camo Front Grip
Splashed Camo pattern
Comes with matching barrel plug
Rare item

1 in stock

Price: $30 (USPSPM) each

ACI Products

F4 High Volume chamber

Color Black

Price: $10 (USPSFC)


ACI Spyder High Volume Chamber

Color: Black
Fits Spyders with LP chambers

Price: $10 (USPSFC)

Proline Black Trigger shoe

Packaging says fits Spyder One and newer with 1/2 trigger.
Double finger shoe
Has huge 1/2 inch mounting area with 2 set screws

4 in stock

Price $6 (USPSFC) or $18 for all of them

Proline Chrome Trigger shoe

Packaging says fits Spyder One and newer with 1/2 trigger.
Double finger shoe
Has huge 1/2 inch mounting area with 2 set screws

Price $6 (USPSFC)

Spyder trigger guard
Color: Black
For 2 finger triggers

Price $4 (USPSFC)

Chrome Drop Forward
Color: Chrome
Adjustable front to back

2 in stock

Price $30 (USPSPM) each

Benchmark Manufacturing

Offset Nitro Craddle
Color Black
Right or left offset design
Used with older AA Raptor regs

Price: $15 (USPSPM)


PsychoBallistics Model 98 2 finger trigger

2 finger trigger

1 in stock

Price $10 (USPSFC) eachone is sold

Older Model 98 trigger guard
Before the customs, These are bolt on clean looking trigger guard. Not cutlass style. These require a nut to be removed from the body to be install. Looks very custom.

3 in stock

Price: $8 (USPSFC) each

Prolite Starfire bolts

Color Blue
Starfire bolt design

Price: $12 (USPSPM) each


VM68 Dovetail sight rail

Color Black
Slides on to the body of the VM

Price: $17 (USPSPM)

Brass Eagle

Raptor parts Kit

First Aid Brand. Seal kit for the Raptor Paintball marker.

4 in stock

Price: $7 (USPSFC) each

Stock Raptor Hammers

Just stock hammers.

2 in stock

Price $6 (USPSFC) each

Take all if the Raptor items for $35 shipped!!! USPSPM service!

TASO Raptor Tiger sight rail

Taso Brand. Fits Raptor markers Slips on to the body.

2 in stock

Price: $12 (USPSPM) each

Raptor Starfire Bolt
Color: Blue
Aftermarket bolt for the Raptor Paintball gun.

Price: $10 (USPSFC)

Stingray Seal Kits

First aid brand. Seal kit for Stingrays

Price $5 (USPSFC)

Custom Products

Dovetail On Off ASA

Color Green
Installed on Customers gun but didn't like it.

Price $15 (USPSPM)

Idema Gear

Tank Pouches

ICS 7/9 oz tank pouches. Black color. 1 1/2 inch belt loop. Rare item by far. Looks good with old school pump set up. I found these in a smaller box sitting on a high shelf with dust on the box. I wished there was a vest in the box! The owner figured they are from the back in the day when he first opened. He said sold a number of them. When they moved about 10 years ago, they got packed up and stored. Kinda wished he was opened during the days of the KP. Virgin wood sitting on the shelf just waiting to be E bayed lol.

1 in stock!!!!

Price $15 (USPSPM) each ONE IS SOLD!!!

Well that is about it. Please PM me if you would like to buy something. Multiple items OK. Shipping discounts may apply.

Thanks for looking,

Motorhead 11-08-2007 01:39 PM

DYE Chrome .45 frame for Automag
Packaging is mislabeled for Autococker
Does not come with trigger or pin for trigger or grip plates

Price: $20 (USPSPM)

If a SINGLE finger frame ? .... SOLD !!

PM inbound

Walking_Target 11-08-2007 02:23 PM


SHAG 11-08-2007 04:25 PM


All PMs have been responded to. Pictures to the thread have been added. Thanks for looking.


super-cameron 11-08-2007 06:50 PM

PM sent on Spyder triggers

super-cameron 11-08-2007 07:03 PM

...and the Bob Long Trigger

crandall 11-08-2007 09:09 PM


russc 11-08-2007 09:45 PM

I'll take one of those ICS tank pouches shipped to WA. Pming you.

SHAG 11-09-2007 09:09 AM


All PMs have been replied too. Items that are sold should go out this morning with some luck. Still waiting for payment on a couple of items. There have been a couple of corrections on the thread to clear up any confusion that may be implied. As always still looking for buyers on the rest of the items.


JeramieJ 11-09-2007 09:58 AM

pm on Black Drop Forward
Color: Black
Adjustable front to back


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