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Slowly making progress
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Dealer Thread: DT1 Dust Devil, Want List

(No center shaft in this image)

(No center shaft in this image)

Prototype comparison to other loaders:

(Note: the production design does not use a pod lid, reducing overall height)

Technical details
  • Mechanical force feed uses a spring, no batteries
  • 65 ball capacity
  • 120 shots on a fully charged spring
  • 8 balls charged per wind
  • Fully charges in a few seconds

Gameplay example (on a GoG eNMEy)

What it is like to run out of paint

Please refer all questions to the overview/development thread:

Cosmetically, these are not perfect, but they are close. The price reflects that and when I go to injection molding, I see the price going up a few bucks. I can make a few of these a week if I keep on top of things. No schedule on production, will make them as fast as I can.

Price: $65 (US) + shipping. Buy 2+ and I will pay for shipping within North America.

You will not pay until I get to you and have the QTY of loaders you want available to ship.

This is not a pre-sale.

The List
1. Malafango (message sent/paid/shipped)
2. FrankTheTank (message sent/paid/shipped)
3. Classic-Armory (message sent)
4. dukie (message sent/paid/shipped)
5. pk5 (message sent/paid/shipped)

6. p8ntninja (message sent/paid/shipped)
7. Skylar (message sent/paid/shipped)
8. matteekay (message sent/paid/shipped)
9. Falcon16 (message sent/paid/shipped)
10. PistolRogue
11. eddielives75 (2X) (message sent/paid/shipped)
12. lechooch
13. Greenmtnphantom (message sent/paid/shipped)
14. ripdisc (message sent/paid/shipped)
15. Bow (message sent/paid/shipped)
16. 4G010H3R0 (message sent/paid/shipped)
17. onecaribou
18. saintnoir (2X)
19. babshaft (2X)
20. leperchaun
21. FrankW (2X)
22. Lead Magnet
23. Wizbaa
24. rdogx78
25. Christian p
26. Rob.phifer
27. T-T
28. Axel
29. PaintballinFatty
30. ball1
31. esseprometheus
32. Violenteddybear
33. SnowZone (QTY TBD)
34. honculada (2X)
35. ajohnson677
36. _Firefly
37. bubbalee30003
38. astr0xz0mbie
39. JMD00
41. Waylost
42. kospauste (IM)
43. swiftblade13
44. Lobo Fuerte
45. 608WIscompton
46. liquidnix
47. tymcneer 2X (POC for Alpha434)
48. alpha434
49. Bigtuana 2X
50. o-baller
51. noclue119 2X
52. ToyBox
53. Menso
55. Bartman
57. pistolz
58. Hanzo
59. djm902
60. Worrhog 2X
61. phizz (confirm)
62. Rudy_bert
63. Starface
64. grw4w34
65. Karnivor213
66. cole roeszler
67. scribbleheli 2X
68. Sincera
69. DarkStar
70. tiny (1, maybe 3)
71. haxorwear
72. James_Blond
73. Malafanango
74. llaw999
75. PumpMan10988
76. spece108
77. Gillymonster 2X
78. Begetter
79. FMPlayer
80. LudavicoSoldier
81. arjames
82. D_sensitized
83. Jade_Monkey07
84. Geldor
85. Rich
86. apoc4lypse
87. ghillieguy
88. C_losjoker 2X
89. Gunz
90. 1shot
91. gospeedgo1
92. Redbeard the Pirate
93. Painthappy 2X
94. Gecko5678 2X
95. Allerstern
96. Bleeds
97. SN toter
98. boltaction
99. pinkanese
100. butters89
101. mazu747
102. Dr. PhunkyPants 2X
103. Cigmanfroyd
104. jolt00
105. Luther
106. char0n
107. Super69ur 2X
108. jelly0 2X
109. LudavicoSoldier 2X
110. Ieo 2X
111. relief 2X
112. patfl1
113. kuraiohitsuji 2X
114. Omero
115. biftip98
116. Atomicvole 2X
117. paintballedbackin88
118. Xrogo
119. spaceranger 2X
120. cutthroat66 2X
121. SpyderBoy 2X (IM)
122. Paulzors
124. RatFink
125. smiffington
126. sylow
127. RuleOfSines
128. mynabird 2X
129. SuperAtomic
130. Nyxd 2X
131. Zero Anon
132. EricTresch
133. Rsole82
134. Luuchoo
135. Acidpaintball
136. nuppydog
137. yuushin
138. thejager
139. Anthonyr166 5X
140. darknite667
141. AE86
142. patfl1
143. guido_sst
144. StickyGreen
145. bchu
146. hellion360
147. TomMode
148. ebarbosa
149. kit 2x?
150. toofless916
151. theangrydragon
>>> Link to prototype Dust Devil<<<
DT1 Dust Devil want list. Click me! <<Closed for now so I can catch up
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
I really like the picture posts, because I don't understand most of the word posts.

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me please!
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Please add me to the list.
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more gooder
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i think you will be fine. Fed Ex was always good to me until my wifes dog bit the driver. they usually don't avoid you unless they have a reason.
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I'm in for sure, can you please add me to the list! Thanks!
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(add me too, please)
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Pump paintball is cheaper than any drug habit I've ever heard of.
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