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Store Closing...Need Help

Store has $40k (wholesale dollars), Needs to off load.
All products are less than 8 mos old.
I want to help him, NOT EBAY.

What are his best options?

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Perhaps he could break it into marketable packages? Are there any close by stores that might be interested? He could shut down the store but sell the inventory on-line, then he wouldn't have to pay rent but still have time to sell it for a reaonable price thus avoiding total financial disaster.
Good Luck
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Depending on the volume of stuff. He would make more money selling things individually than in one big group. Depending on what he has for stuff is what says it moves or not. Is he looking to just get what he paid for the stuff or to make a profit off of it. I would assume a little profit would be the case. It all depends on his situation.
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EBay takes a decent cut but it is certainly a very efficient method of matching buyers and sellers. If it wasn't good for sellers there'd be no eBay!
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I wish more members would post their "forsales" here first....but you have to make a buck and sometimes the bidders on ebay go crazy and by a used item for twice or more than a new item costs...go figure?
But maybe a post/hint of what you have see what has intrest....then post it here and see if it sells....fair prices, items will get sold...a big plus is we can trust the seller to get it to our door....
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i agree just post what he has either here(best) or on nation

and prices he wants for small packages instead of the whole lot
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what about bulk sale-ing it out thru some place like Pev's?
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There's a local retailer that couldn't afford his full storefront - so he rented a tiny place in a office filled strip mall. That way he still had mailing address. He packed his inventory in there and started doing special order with nearly no in-stock items. Seems to be doing fine. His discounts are almost as good as online places, but he has face to face store hours. He's open 3 days a week. It might be worth-while for the guy to look into this untill his stuff is mostly gone. He may find that the special order stuff keeps him going w/o having to be a full-service shop.
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