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Dual pistols are now a reality.This stock

Running dual pistols is now feasable with these stocks.

I made these stocks for myself and they ROCK! (I have never seen any stocks of either design)
Well my friends went nuts over them:
So i decided to start making and selling them
I call this one the Forearm stock.You cannot even imagine how stable it makes one handed shooting. I can even walk the trigger one handed with no problems whatsoever.

Theses stocks will fit ANY marker with an ASA on the gripframe or room for 2 screws on the bottom of the grip frame

This stock swivels at the shoulder(butt) end.It makes twisting the marker so that you can aim down either side simple,comfortable and stable.

Ive had GREAT reviews on these stocks by EVERYONE who has used them.

These are made from a very lightweight and strong metal tubing that is powdercoated black.
6061 Aluminium stocks are also available but will be made on a SPECIAL order basis only.
All stocks are adjustable in length and will be custom made for each person so that COMFORT and length is optimal.

Pricing is: $45.00 per stock plus shipping. Either the forearm or swiveling.
When you buy either stock for another $25.00 i will include another *back* of ur choice.The forearm and the swiveling both use the same *front*
Payment: At this time i am accepting USPS money orders or checks.

My new email addy is
NO stocks will be shipped until payment clears.
Thanks for looking and post here or PM me if i dont answer promptly,Fog

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Just curious...are those made out of guitar stands? They just look really familiar.
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What is the application of the swiveling back?
"I'll see it when I believe it"

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yeah, the definatly look like guitar or electric bass stands
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The swiveling BUTT STOCK has to be felt to understand just how
much it helps sighting, especially when firing from diff sides of cover.

Yes those are guitar stand parts that i buy directly from the manu.
It enables me to sell the stocks at a affordable price.

ALL Alum stocks will be outta the machine shop and in my hands this week,i,ll post pics of those when they are.

MUCH higher quality , 6061 alum. so they anno well ,and of course a higher price.
The youngsters love the cheaper ones tho(and so do the parents who are paying for them) and is why i began sellin them 1st.

The lil tail peice on the back that curves down looks odd i know, BUT
makes them much more comfy, when its NOT there the end digs into the forearm a bit.

I will have my Mags and stocks at Hurricane PB park in PalmBay floreeduh this weekend for hands ON DEMONSTRATION, if anyone wants to come buy.
If u are PLANNING to come buy lemme know which day an approx time so i wont miss ya.HOPE TO SEE YA,ALL THERE ! FOG
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i love these! when you get the better ones in post is up! ill buy it!
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Edited for email addy
My new email addy is
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