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K-Series Scabbard Interest Thread

Here's the new thread,

With Noxx's lever build underway, It occured to me that a Mad Max style scabbard would be a pretty nice addition to any proud K-Series owners' arsenal. In lieu of this I'm trying to set up a bulk order of scabbards for K-Series rifles with our very own Butch, who as you may or may not know, does some amazing leather work. (Exhibit A, Exhibit B).

He gave me three basic options for how the scabbards will fastened:
  1. Braided edging, these are fancier holsters, they are expensive and time consuming to build, but quite sturdy. A scabbard with braided edging would run $275 for one, and knock off $25 per additional scabbard, lowest price being $200 per. Thats would come with a harness system, but nothing fancy on the whole setup aside from the braiding.
  2. Stitching is annoying, but extremely strong and easier to clean. Cost would be $250 each, or multiple at $25 off per, minimum cost being $175, again with a relatively basic harness.
  3. Riveting is the fastest and easiest way to make a holster/scabbard. Easiest to clean, but lacks the clean of stitching or braiding. The edges tend to be rougher, but again, its the cheapest way. It's not as strong as stitching. I would say individual would be $225 each, taking $25 off per, with a minimum cost each of $150. This would be a cheap way to make these, but for lasting looks and feel, I would recommend at least the stitching, and maybe a couple rivets at weak points and such.

At a slightly higher cost, depending on the options, you can a more intricate harness system, with 10rd/12gram loops, etc. But since I'm just trying to find out how many people would be interested in this, we won't worry about that till later. And I believe, Butch can do harnesses to sling the scabbard either on your back, or at your waist, but I'll have to check that with him.

There is also the fact that we all have different guns, so even though this is a bulk order Butch can't just make a bunch of the same scabbard, each one will be a custom piece and take some time, not to mention cost a good bit, but there worth it, trust me. Also the turn around time on these should be somewhere around 3 weeks a piece, and they'll most likely be stained black, he said that would be the easiest, best looking, and longest lasting option, but if anyone really objects we can figure that out later. Send me a PM with what kind of gun you have, (Kp, Kl, anything else you can think of that might need a scabbard) and I'll add you to the list. We can add as many spots as we need, and don't be afraid to ask question.

So far I've got:
1. Mouse
2. Chopper Duke
3. Noxx
4. Ivan
5. Sloonan
6. Marauder_Pilot


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Working on it!!!
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I am in, but would like it to be slung across my back as opposed to being on my waist.
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I'm possibly interested, but ideally I would be looking for something that can fit a NX55L, Mad Rifle and possibly an S4 (although that one is iffy). How tight a fit are these (i.e. are they hard or soft leather), and can they be made fairly adjustable?
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I believe they are hard leather, but I'll see what Butch has to say. But I'll add you to the list anyways!
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Can Butch build me a scabbard for the shoulder-mount Metadyne Rocket Launcher?!?
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Is this the wood stocked monster Noxx is selling?
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hrm....maybe in the future I will ask for one to house the Noxx lever proto
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You want me to grab you a spot on the list?
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