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DIY 30rnd pods using 10rnd tubes.

Looking for a way to carry paint in 30rnd increments so you can top off your 50rnd hopper or tac cap?

Like me, are you too cheap to buy the fantastic APP 30rnd tac pods?

Here is my homebrew solution.

You will need:
- lots of 10rnd tubes (number of pods desired x 3)
- Beer caps or Soda pop caps
- Elastics or 3mm elastic cord.
- A lighter
- Scissors/knife
- Gun tape (Colour of your choice)
- Cup of Coffee supplied by Stirling Coffee!
- Some work space

Step 1: This was fun, Drink the beer! Save the caps.

Step 2: Grab a big nail and a hammer and punch holes through the caps.
Safety Warning! DO NOT attempt step two while until the day AFTER step one is complete!! You may also want to wait for the hangover to clear.

Step 3: Cut the elastic cord into lengths 5-7cm long and tie a knot in one end. Push the other end through the hole in a beer cap. Then use the lighter to melt and seal the ends of the cord so they don't fray.

Step 4: Line up the elastic cord along the tube and put the cap at the very opening. Use a piece of gun tape to secure the cord in place.

Step 5: Place two more tubes beside the first, line the cord up the center of the three tubes and use another piece of gun tape to hold all three tubes together.

The beer cap on the top should now be sitting flush with the openings to the three tubes and partially blocking all three acting as a 'lid'. The beer cap will hold the paint in the tubes and can be pushed easily to the side with a thumb to let the paint be poured out into a hopper. I discovered that the lid will actually snap right to the side and stay completely out of the way!

I ended up making a dozen of these, and two will easily fit into an M4/16 mag pouch.

Now I can carry plenty of paint onto the field and be able to refill my 50rnd hopper without having to wait until it is completely empty or have extra paint in a 50rnd hopper rattling around!

I will be testing out how this works on the field this weekend and will update with my findings.
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I LOVE the creativity of this! One thing that came to mind, keeping the dirt, water and other nasties out of the tubes without a properly sealing cap. Too bad you couldn't cut open a beer can itself from the side and use that as a lid
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I feel strangely compelled to go have a beer

I would like to add that for the collection/retention of beer caps one of these is very useful
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Originally Posted by MaD View Post
Since this thread started with boobs what are we supposed to derail it with?
Stock class =

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Hey now wheres my credits?

Did the similar with thinner but wider elastic. To keep it in place for years to come I tied a loop to one end and put it around the tube, then duct taped it. As Stilgar showed, the key is to duct tape the cord so it stays centered, then tape the 2 other tubes into a triangle.

Plastic soda bottle caps work just as well as beer caps. They offer more room to get hold of with your thumb, easier to flick "on/off" in my opinion.

These are perfect for reloading a winnie or any other 50rd hopper.

As for dirt getting into the tubes I have a simple solution, dont use open pouches for carrying them. A cheapo chestrig will easily hold 6 of these in the front pockets and 8 more on the sides (any dual 30rd mag pouch should hold 2 of these with ease).

Stilgar wheres your DUMP POUCH?

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Yes! I must give credit to Grande for thinking of taping the elastic to one tube. I was originally going to put a beer cap at either end.

Dirt: may be a problem. I don't have flaps over my pouches so I ame going to see if putting them in upside down will work? I hope.

Dump pouch: on my loooong list of things to get but so far the pouches are big enough that putting the pods in is still fairly easy. These pouches are actually big enough for AK mags.
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OK, so I went out on Sunday to play in the snow, slush and mud. Had a great time.

These worked Amazingly well! Easy reloads, easy to take out and put away.

I didn't have an issue with water or dirt or paint making a mess of the exposed paint but I wasn't belly crawling through the snow either...

Enclosed pouches would probably eliminate any further issues unless you go playing in some heavy rain.

I did try to put them in my pouches up side down but found that the cap would move a bit and let paint roll out of one or two of the tubes...
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