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Project gun: which gun should I try?

Hi there!

I've got a project tickling my brain for some time now... gotta put it on the bench!

A friend of mine would definitely love paintball if I could build him this stuff:

A wrist-mounted, multi-barrelled, synchronous-firing marker.

I know some have already built wrist-mounted stuff, with more or less success, and I have an idea of what I intend to do.
  • 2 guns on a single platform
  • Located on top of forearm
  • Fire control in a glove (implies guns are electro)
  • Force feed through tubing (will see this part later)
  • Air from either a CO2 quick changer or constant air.

Loader system would be deported, somewhere near the shoulder area, to avoid having too much weight.

In order to build a prototype, I need to choose a marker...
That is where I'm stuck, because I'm rather a pump or mech scenario-playing guy (only electro I ever had was a TM15), and I really know nothing about those shiny-annoed, fluo-coloured guns.

So, let's get to the point.

I'm looking for:
  • Something compact
  • TRUE electro! Don't want egrip: ideal would be just a chamber, ventury and solenoid. simple is better!
  • Cheap gun. I'm gonna dismember it, Dremel it, violate it in any ways you can't imagine. I'm not wealthy enough to buy a Luxe for this project
  • NO expansion chamber - regulator grip: if it works with HP, I'll feed it HP, if it needs LP, I can change the preset on the air tank!)
  • Ideally, a backbottle-style ASA would save time & money: vert air would need a macroline (this point is not crucial, thought)

Why an electro? Because the deported firing switch! I'll have it stitched inside a glove, both cards' switches activated by a simple hand gesture (that's not a crazy invention from me, system exists and works).
Why a TRUE electro? Well, a mech gun with an e-grip would be heavier and generate too much recoil. We still wish a decent accuracy, don't we?

I think an Ion or maybe a Mini could do the trick but, knowing almost nothing about electros, I prefer to ask experts ...

your ideas?

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I would go with an ion solely on the basis of them being cheap and stupid simple to tear open and put the guts into something else.
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Originally Posted by Phoenix01 View Post
I would go with an ion solely on the basis of them being cheap and stupid simple to tear open and put the guts into something else.

ion gets my vote as well.
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Pump Ion conversion pics
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ions are nice and cheap. i think an emag would fit the platform as needed as well, and would b cooler than an ion. but ions are a dime a dozen and people wouldnt come after you for doing that to an ion, like they probably would if you defiled a mag. but i think it would be sick to use an emag
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