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Update on mask fan parts...

If you look in my sig, you'll see a couple of threads I made years ago about mask fans.

Unfortunately a lot of the links are broken...damned Imageshack...and although I have pictures backed up, that was like, 7 computers ago. I'll dig them up sometime, maybe. the years have gone by the sources for cheap parts have changed. I get tons of stuff through Aliexpress now. It takes longer to get stuff directly from Hong Kong, but daym, I got my Dad a $162 shipped touchscreen radio for his truck with GPS and everything.

For those who know their way around a solder gun, here are some useful parts. As always, if you spell solder "sodder", back away as if it were a rattlesnake (c;

First off, the good ol' 20mm Sunon 5 volt fans. This is a great price for two of them shipped;

Free Shipping SUNON KD0501PFB3 8 DC5V 0.3W three lines the ball small fan 2010 20x20x10mm 2cm 20mm mini fan micro fan-in Fans & Cooling from Electronics on | Alibaba Group

And for those that want to get fancy, a pulse width modulator speed control. With this low of an amperage you can just take the heat sinks off the transistors and lay the parts down flat...

W110Free Shipping 6V/12/24V 10A Pulse Width Modulator PWM DC Motor Speed Control Switch Controller-in Motor Controller from Industry & Business on | Alibaba Group

The reason to use a pulse width modulator is that it pulses full voltage to control the speed instead of varying the voltage which just wouldn't work. It's literally like turning a switch on and off faster or slower.

I used AAA batteries for can use AA batteries too, but for this low of an amp draw, you can do AAA batteries. I forget what run times I was getting, but it was something like 6 1/2 hours on 4 AAA batteries...

EE4070 EE4070 4 AAA 3A Battery Holder Case Box With Switch Blk-in Battery Storage Boxes from Electronics on | Alibaba Group

I actually used the cheaper more slimline one and simply put gaffer tape over it...

4 AAA Battery 1.5V Holder Box Case Storage DIY Test Study Tool Converter-in Battery Storage Boxes from Electronics on | Alibaba Group

By the way...for those that use 12 volt fans with 9 volt batteries...this math works out better. 5 volt fans with a total of 6 volts coming out of the 4 batteries. The fans actually have a tolerance of something like 4 volts to 6 volts, so everything is fine. Also, the Mah (milli amp hours) is better with 4 AAA or AA batteries than a 9 volt, so better run times.

I always used rechargeable batteries because the Mah were up there and of course ultimately cheaper than disposable...

Here, why the hell not just get a set of AA and AAA?

FS! BTY GN N95 Battery Charger + 4x AA 3000mAh Ni MH Battery + 4x AAA 1350mAh 1.2V Ni MH Rechargeable Battery-in Consumer Electronics on | Alibaba Group

For those who are clever...these days the 18650 battery is amazing. I used these as backup power for USB powered devices, like my mobile phone. You could probably get away with using just one battery....don't quote me, I haven't tried it yet..I gave my mask fans to Titus.

Free Shipping 4PCS Li Ion Battery UltraFire Battery 18650 Dual Wall Charger 5800mAh 4.2v Rechargeable Battery + Travel Charger-in Consumer Electronics on | Alibaba Group

Still...get a couple of those, and a bad @$$ Cree super high output flashlight and it wont be a waste of money if it doesn't work out. I actually stopped using mine for hunting because it was too bright at night...

NEW 2014 Lantern Lanterna LED UltraFire CREE T6 2000 Lumens High Power Torch Flashlight Torch AAA or 18650(not with battery)-in LED Flashlights from Lights & Lighting on | Alibaba Group

If anyone has any question please post them here to share...
If your glasses fog up and you want to make your own mask fans, here's how;

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