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In all honesty, to me comparing old electros to new ones is almost an exercise in futility. It's like comparing a classic muscle car to its modern counterpart. Sure the name badges are the same and maybe one or two details, but it's a completely different animal under the hood. Don't get me wrong, I love the old electros; even have a couple classics myself. New ones are pure function, and when I'm on the field and feel the need to use an electro, that's what I want. I will say this though, the old classics sure were fast as hell if nothing else.
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I wasn't saying the G6r is overrated, it's my favourite gun on the planet. :S It did come off as a rant but thanks for apologizing..and you had the right. I'm still a paintball newb who doesn't know that much......and sorry If I got the price wrong, but at my proshop ( they sell it for like $1400......thanks for educating me on the luxe. And just to reassure you, I love G6r's. They are the sexiest things on the planet. I would love to use one on the field for just like one round, because they are so awesome, especially the trigger.

Oh yeah, and old guns are pretty damn cool. I mean the autocockers are neat, and I've seen them many times on the field but besides the neat internals, what makes them so special? I know they are easy to customize, but personally if I ever got one there are two things I'm worried about:
1) Maintinance, I'm a derp at it.
2) I'm a bit worried about all the hoses on the outside (NOT referring to macro line, other things) and the thingiemabobajingie that pops in and out in the back when you shoot it, all this stuff breaking.

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Autocockers in particular are complex beasts. The hoses you're referring to are part of the front block pneumatics. Nothing to be concerned with unless the hoses are old, in which case they'll just blow loose and leak air. The back part is the backblock, which gets pushed back by the ram (has a long metal "arm" reaching to the backblock). That does 2 things - cocks the hammer in the lower tube by pulling on the cocking rod, and pulling the bolt back to let a ball drop into the breech.

There are plenty other guns, both older and not as old. But it this particular case (and back on topic), i was referring to my preference for older matrixes vs the newer matrixes. Matrix being what a DM is.

I'm interested in what sparta ultimately chooses. Hope he comes back to his thread, lol.
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Thanks for explaining. yeah I've heard lots of people with stuff like this, especially with ego's. I know these two refs on the field, always arguing about which ego is better, it's like the 07 or 09 and I'm like 'JUST START THE GAME!'
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Hm. You guys bring up some good points...

I think I'm going to go for the PM8... if I can get the Canary in a Coal Mine one, that would be sweet, but otherwise everything seems right - the UL frame, light weight, price point (from what I've seen) and it looks pretty awesome as well.
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My favorite is the Shocktech DM5.

But I think the most bang-for-bucks is either a Ul'd PM7 or a PM8. They are light, smaller than the DM7/8, are dirt cheap, and come with the SAME bolt as the DM9. There is a reason Dye stopped making the true Proto Matrix line, it's because the PM was becoming what the DM line should have been to start with. I prefer the PM7 over the PM8 because you don't have to deal with the eye pipes that always seem to break and they accept aftermarket HPRs and LPRs. I see most of them going for around $200 as well.
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Ide have to say go with the Dm9. I have owned 2 of them, and multiple ones have passed through my house for tuning. I had a Dm11 a while ago, and the only differences over the years are cosmetic. The Dm9 got rid of the flow plug, making the gun more ergonomic compared to a Dm8 imo. Its a bit shorter, length and height wise compared to earlier models so you can pull the gun in nice and tight. The shot is very smooth and quiet, but the higher fps you shoot, it starts to feel and sounds like a poppit (300 fps and higher, but nobody shoots that high). They shoot great, and thanks to depreciation, you can find one for $350-450 they are great shooting guns, and they look pretty good too.

EDIT: I have never had a problem with a dye eye pipe, and i have owned 3 dye markers that operate with them. The only possible way you can really damage it is if you over tighten your barrel, which can crack the eye pipe. Local gun tech told me this.

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I can't believe no one brought up the Evil Minions?

Limited Milling of the PM6/7, and internally it's the same gun, people just don't like them because they say Evil on them. And normally the price reflects it. Only issue had with it was the eye ribbons, but if they bug you that much, pick up a UL frame and a DM board with wired eyes and you're set (or if you like the stock frame, just wire up a Universal T-board..?)
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cant put thoughts into words. blahhh.

old dm was fun

my minion was handicapped and never functioned properly

my buddy has had nothin but issues with his NT

why not a tricked out ion?
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Reflex rail is a beast this year.
UL frame, Reach trigger, UL airport.
The thing is an animal and for $500 new in box, you can't beat it.
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