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I absolutely hated Dye's ergonomics up until the DM9. The guns felt awful to me. The DM11 is a great feeling marker as well.

Personally, my favorite marker Dye has made is the Mid range spools like the 09-10 PMR and the Reflex. For the money, those are hard to beat. They shoot nearly as well as their high end stuff and they feel just as good in the hands.
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I have played with Matrix's since they came out and shot DM's when I played for XSF, Gridlock, and Trauma. My all-time favorite DM would be a DM6 by far. They were very smooth and quiet. And they were the last DM to not use an eye-pipe. DM7's were pretty much the same gun but with the addition of the eye-pipe. In my experience I have found that the eye-pipe reduced accuracy a bit. My Gridlock DM6's spread pattern was about half the size of my Trauma DM7's spread pattern. I never cared for the DM8 very much, but the DM9 was a very good gun, and IMO shot better than the DM7/8/10/11's. I have 2 DM12's right now and they are amazing guns. So in order, my favorite DM's are as followed:

1) DM6 - Smooth, Quiet, Flat-Shooting, NO eye-pipe
2) DM12 - Smooth and extremely light-weight
3) DM9 - Smooth

As far as PM's go, my favorite there would be a UL'd PM7. These are very similar to DM6's in my opinion, but I still like the feel of a DM6 better.
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Originally Posted by marhen3530 View Post
In my experience I have found that the eye-pipe reduced accuracy a bit.
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My PMR has been great! It's an '06 SE model, but the metal trigger guard and trigger are cheesy. If I could pick up an UL frame for a good price, I'd do so in a heart beat.

Love my Rail.
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This DM5 was probably my favorite marker ever. UL frame, Tadao Chip, Orange Bolt, Trigger, Feedneck ETC.... I have always wanted it back!
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My DMC was the smoothest marker I have ever shot, also the fastest I have ever seen a marker cycle, with eyes off it chopped paint coming from a full 9v modded rotor. It had a Tadao chip, and a nice CP trigger plus a few other ups.

That said, I didn't like the gun. Kept eating lube, I tried everything. Also didn't feel good in my hands. Bought it for 50$, had it a month, and flipped it for 250$.

You guys are gonna hate me, but I liked the NT I used. I wasn't mine, I borrowed it from a buddy to play DDay speedball. It felt perfect and natural in my grip, the shots went right where my stance said they should, and it was smooth. It was an original NT, the eye pipe was in pieces but it still worked. Can't comment on reliabity or price since just borrowed it, but I liked it. I'm looking to pick one up maybe, I want it, I just don't need another marker

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Im a fan of the DM6, which happens to be only Dye marker I own. I feel its right when matrix features peaked. I also hate idea of having a insertable plastic piece that my paint sits in the breech. Its not without its downsides as some people mentioned. My biggest gripes with it are ergonomics, it does not balance well at all. The way the reg sits at front feels awful to hold, I helped fix this by adding MacDev tank spacer to make reg longer which lets me actually wrap my hand around it.

Currently for the price I think its an amazing value. None of modern matrix seem to shoot as smooth as older GenE, and I honestly have no clue why other than weight.
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For Dye guns, my train of thought goes...

1. PM8 - best bang for buck, many of the features of DM line at a cheaper price. Stick an Eigen ring in it and you'll have a formidable spoolie.
2. DMC / 4 / 5 - cheaper than a used condom, yet a great shooter with a lot of character
3. DM9 - to me, all the DM's after this one largely had cosmetic changes
4. Dye Matrix / Gen-E / etc. - with the gold or x93 bolt. The most interesting of all, but getting old so parts may be a bit tougher to source. I also am pretty picky on the bolt/LPR/board combo I like so take that into account.
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