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DAM electro pump?

Is this animation more or less the same system as found in the DAM?

If so it seems like we're talking about a true dump chamber, that is if the bolt is held forward indefinitely it will dump a set volume, but that's ongoing down the barrel leaks.

If that's the case it would be a simple matter of adding a pump handle, an extra switch and some re-programming to make my new DAM into a pump convertible gun, right? (trigger pull toggles and holds the solenoid in the "fire" position, gun shoots, bolt stays forward, gun waits until it is pumped, pump arm trips second switch, board now issues the command to toggle the solenoid back to the rest position, bolt returns home)

Has anyone gone down this path before with DM's, proto's or shockers? Does anybody do custom boards these days?
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It's been a while since I've seen anyone talking about making a pump out of DYE marker. I think the trouble is that you need to buy an expensive marker, make expensive, time consuming, and hazardous modifications to it and then your left with a sub par pump marker....or you can spend a fraction of that on a good pump.

On the "is it possible" side. the hardest part is finding a way to make the pump arm work with the bolt itself. Spool valves are not designed well for a pump conversion because there is simply no easy way to attach the pump arm to the spool without causing a major leak. I seem to remember someone trying it on a shocker, but never a DM or PR.

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Yeah, I understand that it's not an intelligent way to purchase a pump. But I've really enjoyed my pump mag and various snipers because the gun I'm used to also gets to be my pump for mixing it up with rentals.

As far as the mechanics...I think you misunderstand my proposal...since the bolt position is controlled electronically there's no need to physically connect anything to the spool. Just modify the logic and add a "reset" switch into the mix. The only function of the pump handle would be to trip the reset switch.

Here's the proposed cycle
-Trigger pull, existing trigger switch is tripped
=bolt forward, dump chamber launches ball
-Pump arm cycled, trips new "pump/reset switch"
=Bolt returns to rearward position, dump chamber re-charges

Anyways it's day-dreaming...I'm not going to f'up my new toy before I get lots of quality time with it. But you have to admit with all that rail space up front, adding an electronic pump handle would be pretty easy.
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