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Dye DAM Efficiency numbers

Here's some data I wanted to enshrine for whomever may care. As I was looking for these numbers, there didn't seem to be a lot of data, except some shooting videos on Youtube, so I produced my own data set...

I followed the dwell setting procedure outlined in the manual, and obtained a dwell setting of 12. I used a 13/3000 with a full cold fill, and some Valken Infinity that bored out at about .680. (yep, it was pretty small...) I used a .682 Freak sizer in a Deadly Wind 14 barrel, because the stock Ultralite is a .688, and I thought efficiency would suffer with such a bore discrepancy. I chronoed below 280, and got 145 usable shots off of the 13/3000. I did not count shots that chronoed less that 250, of which there were a few as the tank ran out.

So with those numbers, I figure I should get at least 6 pods and a hopper off of a full 68/4500, with enough air to fire 100 First strikes. I didn't think this was outstanding efficiency, but certainly respectable.

Some issues. I did notice that there was significant first-shot drop off with the dwell set so low. Apparently that's to be expected. Maybe I'll turn the dwell up, but I figure I can live with some FSDO if I can squeeze out some more efficiency. Also, this marker is brand new, and I'd only had a few hundred rounds through it before this test. I suspect that there's probably some break in time, and maybe I'll get better numbers in the future.

Also, since this paint was so small, I used a different barrel from the stock one, even though the Ultralite is a wonderful barrel. If I was shooting First Strikes, there would have been a wide discrepancy between regular paint and FSRs. I can see this being a problem in situations whee you're playing at FPO fields or events, and you want to shoot First Strikes. You'd have to chrono FSRs to field speed, but doing so would give you low muzzle velocity for regular paint, if it was small. Ideally, you would obviously want paint that is as close to FSR diameter as possible.

Overall, I was pleased. The DAM seems to be a pretty reliable marker, and was great fun to play with. I'm not sure I would have bought it unless it was for the flexibility of shooting both regular paint or First Strikes. Maybe in situations where regular paint is too small, I'll just shoot First Strikes!
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Paint at my field is around .676 and I usually only see a 20fps difference at most between fs and paint. Usually it is more around the 10-15 range. My dwell is set at 13 with no fsdo. Can't speak to actual efficiency because I never really cared, it's better than my shoebox shocker and that is good enough for me. It did give me a reason to bust out my ole 91/4500 throttle bottle again which I run with a remote line. I use an old style hh barrel on mine that does not require a fin and am having good results. The Dam has come under a lot of scrutiny but it is so good, I have not used a cocker since I got it, and that speaks volumes about it...
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