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well my thought has been I'll get a DM4 in about ten years when I can pick it up for $50 at a pawn shop and it is collectable.

I have some dye grips and have owned a few and still own one dye barrel. I think they are some of if not the best shooting barrel but if you get a barrel break or a chop you may as well give up untill you can put some water through it.

I haven't messed with a DM6 yet but to me DM3/4/5 all feel like fast shockers (shoebox shockers). Big and fairly heavy.
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Well, the Dye Matrix is a comparativly heavy marker. That is compared to the guns today. It was the top of the food chain a coupla years back. The one I have is Upgraded to the max. Fully Evolved. I have the Evolve 90 deg grip frame, anno'd to match and the full gold evolve bolt. Also has Tadao M3. This marker is fast, accurate, efficient, and quiet. Take another look at the pic, all my markers have the Stock Dye Matrix barrel. IMO, it is the best barrel ever made. I snatch up every one that I find. They are getting harder to find. I have one out right now, getting bored for freak inserts. I just luv those barrels. I also have a Lucky 15 barrel kit, but I never use it. It is annoed to match the Dye Matrix.

The Shock Tech DM4 has the WMD board in it. It will really scare you the way that it shoots. Other than a Hybrid trigger, the anno job, and the WMD board, it is stock. You can pick up the DM4's for around 450 to 500. The Dye Matrix can be had anywhere from 250 to 350 with lots of ups.

And, to honest, I cant tell the difference pertaining to weight. Other than on the 24 hour games, they are not that heavy at all. For the long games, I take the Proto.

Here is the complete Dye Matrix that I had done at Max Anno. Have lots of options with the parts here

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Bought a DM4, few months later a NYX matrix (since it was so cheap, for woodsball) and a week after that a red/black NYX. Pics in the picture thread
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My only DYE gun is a DM6. It's a great gun. Somewhat of an airhog.
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Haha, only dye thing I currently own is the stickys on my intelli frame. I'll probably never get one of their guns.....cause I don't shoot electros anymore...
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I sort of own a "Dye Gun"...well, at least that's what my 68 Automag was mislabeled as when I bought it on ebay for $40 around this time last year!
(apparently the Dye boomstick and grips meant it was a Dye gun, lol)
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i own a pm6 and i went to play today and it was at 438 FPS and im like holy ****!! and then i turned it down and it was still too high to play and i just dont know what is wrong with it. but after that it just leaked air really bad
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Sounds like you need to reset both of your regulators and check your dwell.
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I own a DM4 and use it as my main marker. I love the feeling of Dye guns personally. I always find myself going back to it just for comfort alone after having fun with one of my other markers.
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I haven't shot a Dye marker yet, I'm waiting for my DM6 to get here right now, but I love Dye stuff in general. Sticky 3s are some comfy grips, Dye jerseys are so nice with great padding, vents, and I love the new microfibre lense cloth sewn in and Dye pants are good too. Compared to other simpler jerseys and pants I think they're good for the price. Never used them but Dye gearbags and harnesses seem a bit overpriced. The only Dye barrel I've used is a 14" Boomstick and it seemed pretty good but I didn't really test it per se.

I like Dye. I like Dye a lot more than SP.
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