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2 Cents...

I saw a guy work on a proto all day at a field I was at in Korea. He kept messing with and messing with just couldnt figure it out. It was at first leaking just like you said and then he replaced all the orings no more leak but still wouldn't fire right just like what your saying.

now heres the fixer. Theres a set-screw in the bolt assembly that he kept screwing in all the way stopping the bolt in the assembly from spinning properly. As soon as he backed it back out it shot fine.

Hope it helps
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the lpr could be low. i have found most often on older matrices that one of the inner o-rings that the bolt rides on is swollen and bogging the bolt down. disassemble bolt, clean and lube and move the bolt in and out of the top hat and the front cylinder. the bolt is tapered so it will be a tighter fit when it is completely backed into the top hat but it should not be overly tight. same goes for the front cylinder. if you have the o-rings go ahead and replace the inner top hat and front cylinder o-rings. lube and give it a try. This is why when you pull the trigger several times the bolt inches its way forward until it fires, its just too tight a fix. and while turning up the lpr will sometimes fix this, its not really addressing the problem, and then your bolt will be hitting the paint much harder than it should.

tl;dr replace inner tophat and front cylinder orings that the bolt rides inside.
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I've gone through about 3 different internal Top Hat o-rings. That and the bolt sail o-ring are traditionally the most important o-rings in a matrix. The bolt has free movement under the beercan; it's not overly tight.

I had completely dismissed the LPR because it looked totally different than what I expected. I guess this means this next weekend I'll take another crack at the stupid ****er. I WILL MAKE YOU WORK! DO YOU HEAR ME YOU STUPID BROKEN PROTO? YOU WILL OBEY *ME*
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Yah thats an LPR problem for sure. Just dealt with the same problem on my dads yesterday... took about 2 minutes to fix and get the gun all tuned up and running well. (Except for the part where the eye ribbons are torn. But that was the guy the sold it to me fault.)
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I hate the eye ribbon design, and wired eyes BARELY fit in there either....I actually broke one of my wired eyes because I tightened the frame to the body too tight.
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Originally Posted by Bonesjackson View Post
I had completely dismissed the LPR because it looked totally different than what I expected.
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Originally Posted by opiep View Post
i think that if it didn't look like a Rock then it isn't a LPR.

that's what i believe he meant.
Originally Posted by tymcneer View Post
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It's the LPR homeboy. Turn that pressure up until it shoots consistently over the chrono. If it blows a tophat o-ring you know you've gone too far.
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LPR to low and HPR to high...

I forgot what the setting should be at for the LPR, Ill ask around at work today and see if any one can remember, I had a pm5 for all but a day hehe.

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check that the board settings arent set at min. put it all to default and work your way around the board
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