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Good job guys. The MCB mob to the rescue of the uninformed and the detriment of the stupid/cheats. Booyah
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Originally Posted by HurtCow View Post
Gun is semi automatic (what you have to use at fields and tournaments) the ion I think has mode automatic though!

Well thanks, good to know an Ion has 'mode automatic'.

Mode automatic..this guy fails yet again..
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i think that would count for the good deed of the day!
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Originally Posted by custar View Post
"Q: Can u send a pic of the possible Level 10 to ??? thanks

A: Umm just send me a picture of what it looks like, I will take the bolt out, Might be X valve, Dunno gun is just hooked up so guessing bolt it also, Thanks"

That is one of the funniest Q & A's I have seen on an e-Bay auction. Translation:

Q: Please send me a picture of your Level 10.

A: Naw, why don't YOU send ME a pic of it.


i just had to sit and laugh at that for a good 5 minutes
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