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The "Nice Marker, Nasty Picture" Thread

For those times you would think someone couldn't possibly take a bad picture of a great marker. This goes first:

CCM s6 (upped) Paintball Ego Dye Macdev | eBay

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I dont get it.......From a selling standpoint it pretty much perfectly shows the condition of the gun.
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I think the idea is that if your selling a fairly nice expensive gun, why not take the time to take some decent pictures of it?
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You got that wrong it's: Less Paint, More Balls
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Right, it's sort of like a hot girl taking a picture of herself in a public restroom.

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I love the poor choice of photographing a black gun on a black background with a bright green one close at hand

Gotta have some contrast to really show the condition.

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Most people cannot take a good picture to save their lives. I especially love crappy shots that proudly proclaim a photography studio name in the corner of the picture. "Oh good, remind me never to use them."
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