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Brass and Wood Fan
CL ad, near Murfreesboro

Here is a CL link to someone with a tracer, what might be a tracer with wood grips, and some other older looking gun with a brass barrel. Can't see the brass barreled very well but someone with better trained eyes might be able to ID this one.

3 paintball guns tons extras
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Brass and Wood Fan
Mmmmmmm brass
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That isn't a tracer. It's either a NW comp or possibly a carter tricar. Correction, thy is a tracer. But the wooden grip is the comp or tricar. Not sure of the brass barreled one.
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Brass and Wood Fan
I'v never seen the brass barreled one before and there is a Vents in there.
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What's in there:
1-NW-89 Comp-Nice.
1-PMI Trracer-Nice.
1-Scott mask-I wouldn't recommend wearing it.
1-Vents mask-Same as above.
Various out of hydro CO2 tanks.
And the brass?
A USA Patriot-Pretty cool.

Definitely worth the $150.00, but talk him down to $125.00 if you can.
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I'm really close but I dont see $100 worth of stuff in there.
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as far as I know, carter glued his panels on. If it has screws to hold the grip panels on, it is a NW. It has been a good rule of thumb so far.
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