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So I couldn't leave well enough alone. I contacted Rick himself. It turns sort of IS and RTP. Here's what he had to say.

wow what an oldie.
what that is , is an old field gun. they really took a beating. glenn millen (king snake) and I ran a field in alpine calif, for five or six years. it was on the vejias indian reservation. these field guns were pmi stock guns. we took off the top barrel, put on a ball drop, and a sight rail. sight rail had to go on in front of the ball drop. it was a hugh production line, we did about 75 guns all at once. glenn was learning how to solder., because they were field guns, (not for sale) we didn’t care what they looked like. the ball drop was my two stage ball drop, and took a paint tube. for a rental field it was nice not to have bulk loaders. that one is really old, because , we wound up taking the ball bearings out of the bolt. over time, they wore a groove, and put a burr inside the barrel.

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Join Date: Apr 2006 has a speed demon bolt and valve tube is machined for a Sheridan made hard-lines.
The 68 Magnums(slip on feed/CA) & PMI 2(stock class/CA) I've seen are stamped on the barrels as so...and both those types I've seen used standard airline plumbing not factory made Sheridan hard-lines so this is oddball mutt for sure.

Hows Rick?Last we heard he was planing on making several T.I.S. rifles
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