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Originally Posted by Chappy View Post
So the rest of us taxpayers can pay for the mistake? No thanks. Personal accountability and responsibility go a long way. You can take your knife and go home, or you can surrender your property. Expecting them to run a courier service too is over the top.
The rest of us taxpayers are burdened with a lot of expenses we don't necessarily feel are in the best interest of other than a select few. Granted, I didn't elaborate on the logistics of how so I can see where you jumped to conclusions. Also, if you read only what you wanted & didn't thoroughly read what I wrote, I also touched on the personal responsibility aspect as well. (I 100% agree with your position, btw) I mealy said for an entity to confiscate someone's property, be it due to an oversight or whatever, when their are means to return ones' property is IMO BS. An HPA tank that didn't have the reg removed would another item that would be "surrendered" & I'm pretty sure they're in checked baggage. In closing, you do realize a nice pen or mech. pencil can also inflict as much carnage to someone as a 2" Swiss Army knife, right? But I have yet to see a guideline stating no pens or pencils allowed as carry-on.

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The TSA is what you call "security theater" anyway. I won't post a "how-to" of my theories, but I've travelled enough to notice a couple gaping holes in the system. The whole thing is a big show so people (falsely) feel safe, and certain government types can feel like they did something

Besides that, an airliner full of passengers isn't going to sit quietly and let a couple dudes take over a plane with a knife anymore.

Originally Posted by oldschool View Post
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Ever since they started making you do the separate bin for certain items I like to play a little game with them. I try to beat my record to see how many bins i can send through.

I'll do one bin for my backpack, one for my shoes, one for my 2 cell phones, one for each laptop i carry (usually 2, on occasion more), one for the items in my pocket, one for any outerware, one for my kindle, one for my assortment of chargers, and more if i can pull it off.

On the other side i retrieve my items leaving the bins on the conveyor and walk away. I never get flagged anymore because all my stuff is on display and it creates such chaos that they don't want to take a 2nd look at anything. Just a bunch of TSA goons scrambling to jockey all the bins i took. I had my opinel pocket knife go through, lots of liquids over the required amount, my airplane bottles of booze don't get hassled, my lighters don't get confiscated. Granted I dont intentionally try to smuggle this stuff through, but when i forget about it im always pleasantly surprised it doesnt get taken.

Only one time an agent questioned what I was doing and I quickly replied "that's what I had to do at the last airport". His response was "oh, that's because they were profiling you".

Flying, especially when you do it a lot is such a dehumanizing experience. I refuse to pander to some low wage loser that's been handed a little power. Most TSA people are just getting by since its a job so I don't hate them, but there's always that one guy/gal that wants to mess with people who arent security threats.

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I had one in a laptop bag. It made it through four connecting flights and got caught at claim. You'd have thought officer Tubbs had found a loaded rocket launcher or the holy grail by the way he acted.
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Originally Posted by ssslither View Post
Am I the only one who feels this is borderline BS?
Borderline? More like complete BS. The fact anyone can defend any of the asset forfeiture programs with a straight face is beyond me. What would I know though, I'm just a modern day sharecropper.
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Way up north I had the Canadian Border Services Agency ask if I wanted to surrender my folding scissors and a very small folding knife I completely forgot was in my toiletries bag. I opted to leave the security line, mail myself the items from the Canada Post office in the airport for $8, and return to the security line. They did allow me to board with a bag containing ratchet straps with 8 inch metal hooks, side cutters, and other tools... just thinking of the havoc I could have caused with that small folding knife and scissors though... On topic, the most frequently confiscated item at Canada's largest airport? Maple Syrup in 160 ml bottles. You can fly with 120 ml of our best boiled tree sap, but 160 ml? No way! Do they try to sell it back to us? Nope... dumpster time.

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Lol, this isn't any different then the "asset forfeiture program" you have to deal with when going to a concert or other large venue. This isn't the gubment illegally seizing property, its someone not paying attention to what they're allowed to bring. I might not like the regs and the rules, and they might not make much sense, but I know what they are and have the ability to follow them to avoid having my **** taken.

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I don't fly any more due to this crap. Mostly it has to do with my prosthetic leg and the sheer amount of bull**** I have to go through to get on a flight. Since I can't go through the little beeper machine, I get to go sit in the clear cubicle and be on display to everyone like I have already done wrong.

I would point out that some years ago, we came off vacation in Maine where the kids had been (obviously) playing in the woods. My son's game unit came back as "explosives" on the test and they were going to make us leave it. The airport had a mail room, so I went back and mailed the Nintendo to ourselves at home. I assume that most people COULD do the same with these items if they were so inclined to get out of line and inconvenience themselves in that way.
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Originally Posted by MarkT View Post
Selling prepaid envelopes and having a mailbox nearby would be nice.
At Hobby Airport, they have (or had) a machine that prints a mailing label and provides an envelope for shipping such things near the security station. It cost something like $15, but you put the completed envelope back into the machine right there.

I had packed a leatherman in my small checked bag. When I got to the airport, I saw that there was no way I was going to get through the check-in line for my flight (2 hours early), so I decided to carry-on while forgetting that I packed the leatherman. I was able to mail it to myself.

Many years later, I went to an event hall that had not had such security before and had forgotten that I even had my leatherman in my pocket. We were with some friends that had bought the tickets on their phone and had entered ahead of me. Now they were "in" with my "used" ticket and my stainless watch was enough by itself to set off the metal detectors. I had to throw my leatherman in a trash can outside or not go to the concert.

I went on ebay and got a used one to replace it.
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I have had things go missing from my checked bags due to TSA...........
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