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$5 10-rd tube?!

If I can $5 each for my old crappy 10-rounders, I'll be retiring earlier than I thought! Geesh...won't even include the 10 rds of paint in the auction! AND charges $2 "materials and handling fee" on top of shipping cost!
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Oh my....
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Unit will ship without the paintballs inside
and the cheap bum won't even give you some paint
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Ive got a ton of tubes that look exactly like that. lets see... by his math that comes out to.. er

about $150 bucks! Sweet!

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Next time add more yelling and crazy camera angles. Maybe start an episode with you parachuting into your attic, then you immediatley come under fire from the french resistance. I can see it now....
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personally I like the fact that something like that would require AT MOST 1 dollar to ship, and the thing says 6 bucks to get it to me parcel post. what a con artist.
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And reading the yammering going on between the members? I think the sole purpose of PBN is to just make everyone @ MCB (and the pog, phog, pgpog, etc) feel better about themselves. It never ceases to amaze me that people can be that stupid.
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This is a good example of what is wrong with eBay. Yet another person who will NOT leave feedback until feedback is left for him, makes the whole rating system useless.
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He's even got a sob story:

Hello and welcome to my auction. Before I get too deep in explaining this item, I would like to share with everyone why I am auctioning off all my belongings. I have been going on short term mission trips to a small rural town in Mexico for a few years. I am a carpenter by trade and have been helping with the construction of a church as well as helping with local homes. These humble yet inspiring people have change my life and my view of what is important. I have made it my mission to move down there for a year and do what I can for the town and the great people who live there. So, in order to accomplish this I need to pay off my debts and raise enough money to get myself and tools there.
That's from the one where he sold a 48 star flag, 4th down from the top in the feedback, I think.

I wonder if I should send him a question as to what makes his tubes so special that they cost $5 each, while Wevo's "obviously inferior" tubes only cost 15 cents. Hell, even with the speed caps, their still only a quarter. You know, ask as an ignorant consumer.

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