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Is the Geo Eclipse's forgotten marker?

This has been a problem with the really big (now 2) companies for a couple of years now. They produce parts and upgrades for a marker and then the MOMENT it is out of production it becomes nearly impossible to find parts for it. If any of you recall the Dye 'cockers....

Anywho, I just picked up a brand new bag find Geo. This thing has most literally been riding in a gear bag since it was purchased. The owner hasn't even had the marker in their possession for the last year and a half. They never registered the marker and didn't get any of the "necessary" upgrades to it.
I have contacted all the usual suspects looking mostly for the updated piston so the reg seat doesn't come off.....I know GST is gone, and have found an GS2 kit in Australia, for purchase....
While looking on Eclipse's site I noted that they don't even have oring kits specific to the Geo. They have a "comprehensive" kit for the Geo AND Ego, but I don't want to pay for a bunch of rings I don't need for an Ego.
I know there really weren't many of these sold, in the scheme of things, and not much by way of parts made for them anyway, but is there anyone who would have the upgraded piston and a decent oring kit for this marker, in stock, at the same place?
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Newer piston (not the full kit, the rest was just screws with nylon patches though)
Planet Eclipse HPR piston for EGO9, SL94, GEO, ETEK3 and EGO10

O-ring spares
Planet Eclipse GEO spares kit bag
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Hey, thanks for being Johnny on the spot with those parts.

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Send a message via AIM to DriverJ

Paintball showcase is the go to spot for parts.
I've seen a few GST kits popping up on PBN here and there so keep an eye out, but I believe you can still get the GR2 kit.
FYI Geo2 internals are able to be put into the Geo 1 (you need the bolt, propshaft and can of the Geo2 (you can also use the ST can) )

It seems to me Eclipse has moved away from having a different parts kit every year and just having the Ego/Geo oring package. (I don't remember seeing Geo3 specific parts kits)
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the individual marker o-ring kits are not always necessary as the common O-rings for their markers are all redundant across the board from model to model

we (planet eclipse) still stock a number of parts for the original geo, in fact, a number of parts are universal from model to model, always feel free to check with us... we can't always list everything on the web site

if you ever had a problem with the reg piston, I would recommend you consider the SL3 reg sold by Violent, it's exactly the one we make and it is more versatile/consistent/affordably serviceable

common O-rings for typical maintenance: (I recommend for all model geo's)

#17 (inside the can)
#14x2 (bolt and propshaft)
#15 nbr 90 (bolt)

occasionally, the #20 should be changed (outside the can)

if you choose to continue with the original reg - 15 nbr70 is the piston reg o-ring, I change it along with above mentioned ones
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Damn Chris beat me to it....
Crusader Paintball

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Located near Philadelphia, Trenton, and Princeton areas
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I have to say, I sure wish I had checked back in on this thread about the recommendation to check/replace the stock reg. Being a bag queen I didn't really consider what time will do to unused rings and seats.

I took it out to play last year (I don't play much any more) and it blew the reg seat. Took out everything on the inside, new noid housing, pilot, ball valve, rings, piston...I likely paid more than half to fix it what it's worth. All for a reg piston.
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