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Sl8r board. What are my options?

So recently i purchased a new to me sl8r with all the goodies. however two vertical lines of the screen are shot and it makes it hard to change modes and settings. I bought the guns with the hopes of sanding down all the nicks and scratches then re-annoing the marker. So naturally as I'm looking to kind of restore this marker I want a new board, but what are my options. I hesitant to replace with a oem board because I could just run into this issue again. Tadao no longer get screens for their boards and will not warranty them. Virtue has terrible micro switch placement were only the optical trip hits the switch limiting trigger adjustment. They also have no optical sensor. So this leaves me at a conundrum. What are my options for a new board? I would like to still have a screen. I'm tempted to just get a Tadao LED board until I find a better solution. I gotta say kinda unimpressed with the lack of support from such a large marker company and people wonder why paintball guns loose value so quickly.
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Even with a company like eclipse, its gonna be hard to find oem parts for 5 year old guns. That being said, iirc, the boards for the ego 8 and geo 1 are the same, and you can get an oem geo board here. the splash screen is gonna be wrong, and the default seatings might be off but it should work. Planet Eclipse Geo Circuit Board
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