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Geo 3 Warrenty Issue (Please Read for Warrenty info)

This is going to be posted on popular forums and private forums I am apart of. This is a ongoing situation and you will be updated. Photos, emails, and receipt are on file and can be shared if needed. I am not a spokes person for any stores, companies, or corporations mentioned in this document.

I bought my DARK Geo 3 brand new from Warped Sportz in July of 2013. Warped Sportz was great to deal with, the item I purchased came as described and packaged extremely well. No delays or troubles at all, and communication has been the greatest even to this day dealing with my Geo 3.

Winter of 2013 my Geo 3 has been unused due to gun trouble. The gun would puff and not shoot. Bolt would not move. Cleaning the gun, replacing orings, resetting the board to factory and using a Brand Name Battery did not help. Numerous teammates have help me in trouble shooting this marker. We could not figure this marker out. Removing the Solenoid Value from the body to expose the Solenoid Manifold we could smell something. We are unsure what the smell was or is so take this bit of knowledge as you would. In the Manual it says servicing or maintaining the Solenoid Value will void the warranty.

Recently, February 11 2014, I took my Marker up to Vintage in Saint Paul, MN to take a look. Vintage is a Eclipse Dealer. Letting the store manage, Tony, know about the gun not being registered (I have never done this due to owning numerous guns in the past) and about the smell we acquired during disassembly. They did not take apart the solenoid value.

February 12, 2014 I received my gun from Vintage paintball. Picking the gun up they said it was the solenoid and that they replaced it. The solenoid they used was from one of their Geo 3s and they did that so I could be on the field this weekend. I said nothing about playing this weekend in the foot of snow we have out in Minnesota. I was charged full price for a new solenoid. After paying for service and asking for a receipt I left and headed home.
On way home I called up Gerry with Planet Eclipse in Rhode Island. Who is the Tech Guy at this center. He advice me that Vintage is NOT a Eclipse Tech Center and that Air Assault is the local Tech Center. He asked if gun was registered and I said no it was not. He told me that all Planet Eclipse guns are warrantied for one (1) Year after assembly or birth. When you purchase a new gun and register it you have to send in the receipt and you will be credited the months it sat on the shelf. Now I don't know if you buy a 2 year old gun new that you can get a warranty on it or that if you bought a gun new you automatically get a one year warranty. After a lot on talking and discussing it sounded like I was out a huge some of money and went all the wrong way.
After getting of the phone I immediately called up Vintage and said that I didn't get my old solenoid. They said that they threw it away yesterday and that they took the trash out every night. I informed him that I need my noid back and that they should have asked the customer if they wanted the part destroyed or disposed of. So after dumpster diving for a half hour I can't get my solenoid back.

I will continue to work with Planet Eclipse, Vintage, and my Local Tech Center which is Air Assault for any future problems.

You can take this as a rant, a Review, a Complaint, or as advice.

If you are a Eclipse User always register your eclipse marker and take it to a authorized Eclipse Tech Center. I won't stop you from taking it to a Eclipse Dealer or using the Eclipse Dealer Lifetime LABOR warrenty they provide by buying the gun from them. But if you are questioning things take it to the Tech Center and they will get things Right.

Registering your gun can help replace parts and Save you from Labor fees. But the other helpful bit is that if you register your gun and it is then stolen. You can call Eclipse up and they can do some paper work and if the gun is ever taken in for repair or service, Dealer or Tech Center, you have a high chance of getting your marker back.

In the end of this I am out a lot of cash, I feel my gun could have been teched differently and in the end costing less whether it was registered or not. I was charged a ton for the replacement, When I told them its not registered they could have pushed me to registering it to save. If they would have done that then I would have seen they want me as a customer to come back. But now that they cost me a lot of money I will NOT be going back to Vintage. I will buy local thru my Tech Center if I need Eclipse products or buy local for all my paintball needs.

Thank you for reading this. I am a loyal Eclipse User and will continue using their products. Fell in love with them when I used the Ego 8 (owned 3 and own one now) To using the Geo 2.1, Ego 11 (twice) and now a Geo 3. I love their markers. Thank you Planet Eclipse for your Services. Thank you Nicky T for taking the time to read this (I know your active on the PBNation Eclipse Section)
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