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Planet Eclipse LV1 Adjustable Solenoid

Hey Guys, Im wondering what you guys set your solenoid for? and if you found adjusting it makes much of a difference if so what kind of difference?
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if you have ever owned an autococker, consider these to be a sort of adjustable QEV.

they vent out atmospheric air in front of the movement of the rammer.

"-" if more restricted ('closed'): slows and "cushions" the movement in that direction (some also believe this may lessen efficiency, but nothing has been done to prove/disprove this). this suggests a "smoother" shot or less barrel rise

"+" if more opened: permits more acceleration (less resistance), higher rate of fire... possibly more efficiency. this suggests a "snappier" shot or more barrel rise

hope that helps

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I've always wondered if someone ever did this with an Ego/early Bob Long marker (ie. gen 2 - 4). Ie. with smaller tubing to the back of the ram or an adjustable valve. My google-fu is pretty weak so I was never able to find anything.
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Set both dials to "7". "0" is toward to rear of the marker and "10" if towards the front (barrel) end of the marker.

Hope this helps! These numbers are based on the original manual's settings:
AND Planet Eclipse's most recent official Tuning Guide:

Hope this helps! Always go with factory settings or those recommended by the manufacturer!

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