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06 ego trigger

Hey guys, just got an 06 ego in pretty great shape other then the trigger has absolutely no tension (will not spring back into place) and seems somewhat stiff (Doesnt move very freely)

Any easy way i can go about fixing this? thanks!

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It sounds like your trigger may be dirty, and just need cleaned out. There's not really an incorrect way to install an Ego trigger that would result in friction or drag. You'll have to take it apart and clean it up. After that your trigger may work correctly or it may be floppy.

06 Egos have 2 methods of returning the trigger forward. The first is a compression spring mounted between the back of the trigger and the frame. There are 4 screws visible on your trigger, each in a set of two. One set is down where you pull the trigger, the other set it up at the top. The spring is behind the top screw of the set that is lower on the trigger (where your finger pulls it). Check behind that screw and see if the spring is there.

The second way the trigger returns forward is a magnet hidden inside the frame. The furthest forward screw at the top of the trigger is what the magnet pulls on to pull the trigger up and forward. If your trigger is missing the screws at the top then the magnet will have nothing to pull on and the trigger won't return. Also, the magnet inside the frame may be missing.

If both these trigger returns are missing your trigger should just flop around. Since you're describing the trigger as bring stuck I'm guessing its dirty. Clean it, then check both these. You can easily get away with one of the two, you don't need both for the gun to function.

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thanks for the input! there was all kinds of gunk in there.

thanks again!
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