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Originally Posted by Tarak View Post
Yeah, that's what these are, they're billed as home defense guns, I researched them before I picked up a DSG. So glad I dodged that bullet.
So glad you sold your DSG
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Originally Posted by DashHopes View Post
Welcome back buddy! And GanonsGrin is your brother? He is the devil
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yup ram APS shot guns were never intended for paint...but their own brand of rubber training ball...which is slightly over size for .68...they work like a charm with rubber rounds FYI, but yes the quality is low, they were marketed as budget training gun for police.
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Originally Posted by GanonsGrin View Post
So glad you sold your DSG
lol yeah, I've come to the conclusion that if I want a paintball shotgun that its going to have to be some sort of crazy custom deal that takes shot shells and some sort of small caliber multi ball arrangement. The DSG is a work of art, and I still love its looks, just the function for me wasn't what I had hoped for. Better to find out with the best, than to buy a bunch of other crap , and then buy the DSG, and then hate myself even more, lol.
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Looks like the same seller has 2 more?

2 primeguard shotguns

Unless something fell through and he's relisting.
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hey that's me. i bought out what was left from prime guard when walmart pulled them. i thought i had gotten rid of all of them but these are whats left. the original 2 sold. winning bid was canadian and i didn't want to ship these out of the country because they are heavy and im not sure how well they would get through customs. so they went to the back up bidder. now im selling these two and i then i'll be down to 2 or 3 more.
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Originally Posted by Butch3r View Post
I cant see what they are but if they are the Ram68 markers I second the crap build. I have one that needed modification just to get a reliable trigger pull, when I first got it there was such a gap between the trigger and the sear you were lucky to get a shot off when pulling the trigger. they load in the bottom with a little flip up opening very similar to a real shot gun but I always had issues with the rounds getting crushed into the breach and double feeds were also a big issue that resulted in a lot of breach breaks, I had a machinist look at the barrel to see about freaking it and he noted that the ID and the OD were not parallel. overall the Ram68 is a head to toe poorly built POS. if you can find one the DSG is the best option for a paintball marker that looks like a shotgun.

as far as I know those M203 style grenades are the only paintball product that shoots multiple rounds at once, that or markers that have been modified to have multiple barrels like the scout or Gearheadz phoenix kit for phantoms.
DSGs are so smooth! I held the Ram68 and own the DSG...there is a world of difference.
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