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Cool Mokal ultipro

Not mine

Are these rebuildable , or would they have non existent proprietary seals?
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Man there's all these funky guns I've never heard of popping up. Barrel looks wicked small
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I think these this may be rebuildable. I assume some of the internals for the same as a mokal Mirage. I had several Mirage guns years ago. I tore them all apart and replaced the O-rings. This was a big mistake as they used Specialty o-rings. The Replacements continually blew out using CO2.

However now I run two or three mirages using HPA what's no issues. So perhaps the problem was one of using CO2.

I ran this Mag-fed mirage mod all last season without issues. it was my go to gun.

bonds feedback:

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I'm watching it, but the starting price is on the higher side of fair. Having the original manual is a cool plus. I'd be all over this if it was mint with original box, accessories, etc.
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I bought one new when they were first released. It worked amazing for a few weeks, then just kept blowing o-rings. Yes, all we had back then was CO2. I think it was about 1993 or so. I loved it, accurate even with the short barrel. Internals were vaguely laid out like the Tippy 68 Special. I called the manufacturer about my problems, as I was a field owner at the time and was thinking of converting my rental fleet to these. They sent me a bag of Orings. I ended up going with the F1 Illistrators instead. is offline   Reply With Quote
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Those were tanks. I started with one of these as a loaner then got a mirage of my own. Still have them both at my dads house. The mirAge got an armson rifled barrel. Talk about loud! I'm gonna have to make a trip back home some time and dig out my old gear. I think those and my old brass eagle pumps are still gathering cobwebs in the closet. Haven't set foot in that place in at least 12 years.
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