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Ebolted 98 Custom

98 Custom
Rufus Dawg Centerfeed
Mini Morlock Board (Accesories: Two sets of eyes, extra wires, extra header, battery harness, microswitch.) (Accepts 5.0 Code)
Intimidator Solenoid (With quick disconnect wired into the solenoid and the board.)
Two way GTA ram
Torpedo Regulator
LPK (Full Kit. Will include the lightweight hammer.)
CP Rail
Quickstrip mod
All I have is a single trigger. I can make a delrin double trigger upon request for this gun.

Unfortunately no barrel will be included with the sale. I have a J&J custom, but for some reason it will not fit the gun. I will include it if the price is right however.

Though it is pictured without, this gun will come with macro fittings, macro line, and all of the neccessary barbs and LP line.

Looking for around $350 USD. I am flexible with this number. Just talk to me.

Not really looking to trade, but offer and I will see what I can do.

A few stipulations-
I will not be shipping first. If you have a lot of feedback (eBay, PBN, MCB) then we can talk.
Everything is sold as is. I will fire up the gun and test fire everything to make sure it is working condition.
I am paypal verified and would really prefer this payment method for everyone's safety.

PM me here.
PM me on PBN.
AIM = johndeere710 (Easiest way to get to me.)
Email =
MSN/Yahoo = (I am very rarely on these two IM services. If this is all you have I will be more than willing to sign on and talk with you to make a smoother transaction.)

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Depending on when the clamshell was made you may have the newer style. Tippmann "Lost" the original mold and had to make a new one a few years back. Becouse of this older barrels wont fit on newer bodies unless you loosen the clamshell and fit them in then tighten the clamshell. Newer barrels will fit on both new and older clamshells. My clamshell is the newer style and it its seriel number was in the mid 60K's. IIRC

Since I do not have the money G'Luck on the sell.
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Thank you for clearing that up. I knew they made new molds for their ETrigger setup, but I did not realize that the barrel threading was changed. I appreciate your help.
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Up. It's on Ebay now. Act before it sells there.
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take 300?
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It's pending for an MQ'd cocker, so for right now I have to say no.
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