Electronic If it uses batteries, and fires paintballs... This is the place to sell it.

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F/S/T UL PMR, 05 Shocker and CCM Pump

1. Be Mature
2. Post First Before PMing
3. Type in English
4. Read the Whole Thread
5. I Reserve the Right to Take Higher Offers
6. You Must Enjoy Playing Paintball

Mainly looking to sell because of car troubles and to help pay for taxes. Just bought both of these and only shot in the backyard. Cleaned, lubed and tuned them up ready for play. Now for Eye Candy (pictures say Sk8ermog, but thats me in other forums):

Comes with CP reg, AA 2 piece barrel, snatch grip, CCM Feedneck, on/off with rail and a new noid just installed. Don't know much about shockers, but this one sure is fast and clean.

Ultralite Framed PMR: ASKING: $450
Comes with stock frame with no board, stock barrel, Brand New UL Frame, and standard ASA (CP on/off not included)

Comes with CCM Pump kit, stock barrel, CP Reg (might come with blue CP reg from Shocker), Drop (not show) and matching on/off. Great pump cocker with smooth action and shoots straight.

TRADE OPTIONS: I WILL NOT ADD ANY CASH TO TRADES!!!! (I just don't have any to spare)
- Invert Mini (Blue or Black only) + Cash (maybe straight up for shocker)
- ND Timmy (Blue or Black only)
- Ego (Black or Blue)
- ND FS (Starting to guess what colors I like?) + Cash
- LNIB Basic Ion + Cash
- Blue Vlocity + Cash
- 45/45 HP Tank in Date + Cash


- Computer Parts ( mainly HD 250GB and higher, Nvidia 6600+ AGP card, ect.)
- Camcorder (MiniDV only)
- Portable DVD Player (Must have video in and out) + Cash
- 15" and up Flatscreen TV (Wall Mount a Plus)
- $500 Gas Card
- New MP3 Player (2GB and Higher. NO IPODS)
- Gift Certificates to Computer Stores (Fry's, CompUSA, BestBuy, ect.)

If I didn't posted it as a trade option I'm probly not going to want it. I won't make fun of you for posting it, but I'm probly not going to respond. Free ups are always appriciated.

I take Paypal and MO! Feedback from the AO forum in sig. Post first so I can spot the order of offers and then feel free to PM me.

Thank you for taking the time to read my thread.

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KAPP Chrome Flame Cocker or a ULE Warpfeed mag with level 10 for the Shocker??????
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Brass and Wood Fan
ION in Sig ofr the shocker, Possibly I add. Will Pm
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i'll buy da shocker, iono yet though, need some money
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PMed you about the 05 Shocker
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