Electronic If it uses batteries, and fires paintballs... This is the place to sell it.

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As much as I love this gun it hasnt seen use since January when I bought my Marq7 rapper.. which I love just as much as this gun maybe even a smidgen more. Its not a priority sell as Im stable in funds and really dont need another gun as I have 6 timmys , and a M7R. I just feel that its time to pass on such a great gun to another loveing owner.

The history of this gun is pretty neat. Im the second owner. The first is the one that did all the anno work , A+ or FBM I forget, it was his main gun for CFOA, NPPL , and local tournys. Since he was from VA and hung around and worked at Pevs he was able to get XSV to sign the guns box at one of there pratices.... Sigs include Nicky Vegas, Jon Richardson, Nicky Cuba, Rusty Glaze, Thomas "Troll" Taylor And others.. Im not a fan boy so I cant tell you the names by jersey numbers... Any way I bought it last July for my birthday present to myself and it has seen light use in GPL events and local gigs.. The gun was well maintained from the first owner and myself.. it is flaw less not a single scratch any where. Its also has been adult owned so it isnt beat up like other guns you may find on the nation.

With out any more chatter... Specs

- Star trigger
- Tadao board (white light)
- Hybrid B**** Grips
- New Designz Delrin bolt pin
Also Has
- Stock barrel
- Stock trigger red anno
- Stock bolt pin
- Stock grips
- Stock board
- A bunch of spare parts kits.. Orings , Detents, screws oil and other stuff as well
- FULL Redz Barrel kit with 14 inch tip being match annoed
- Orginal metal box signed by XSV's roster
- Ego barrel sock
- and anything else I missed and find along the way
- If you ask nicely Ill include a matching BK leopard head band that the anno was based off of

- $1000.00 FIRM!

- Hybrid Mummy in Chocolate or Black
- Marq7's in Burgandy or Kahki + cash
- Other private lable egos + cash where needed
- RARE ANNO guns ( this is up to review im picky with my guns )
- Anything custom gets looked at first

Trades I do NOT want!!!!
- Ions or anything smart parts for that matter
- Non 05'ed timmys
- AKA Anything.. if I wanted a brick I would hit myself in the face with one
- Stock guns
- Anything that has HK all over it
- blue or pink guns
- Hacked up mish mash guns.. IE Shego's
- No junk get the drift??

- I dont ship first sorry
- If your under 18 I deal with your parents not you.
- If we meet in person Ill probally buy you a beer if your of age hehe
- All of my guns are in tip top shape... I expect the same no if ands or buts if your gun doesnt work to my liking I will ship it back ground.
- I ship priority so should you I also insure and tracking number everything

Ignore my crappy jersey.. if you want it with this gun you can have it although it may be cursed.


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