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PPS Fan Summer SURGE Gun sale! 20+ Markers F/S/T MANY PL

Originally Posted by SuicidePhil View Post
normally i would ignore ridiculous rules and cash requirements like yours..but then i saw your feedback.......and then i saw your guns. holy **** you got some nice gats there. every one of those deserves only the most serious and worthy buyer. best of luck to you, i know i couldnt part with some of those guns. :tup: (because i read the rules)

PBX Autorocker: $1895 FIRM

Story behind these guns (Copied from UThomas' site):
In 2003-2004ish PBX developed the MQ valve for the autococker, basically replacing all the lower tube mechanical internals with an electronically driven solenoid/poppet setup There were many delays in getting it to market, and major supply issues. After the first batch of valves went out, they began advertising that they were going to be building a limited run midblock autococker (called the "autorocker") and aftermarket grip frame based around the MQ valve (which eliminates sear geometry issues and allows for better performance). They made a few prototypes (using legit WGP bodies as a base) and posted some videos on the internet of them shooting ~30 balls per second - very impressive and getting a lot of attention from the autococker community. Unfortunately, things fell apart at PBX in 2005 and the company effectively dissolved. A second wave of MQ valves had come out but the supply has since evaporated, and the 'autorocker' never hit the market. Apparently there are less than 10 other working models out there, with estimates putting the number at 4-5, and maybe another 30-50 bodies and frames that will probably never be put together or see the light of day. The code for the frame board for example was largely lost in a hard drive crash.

Please note: The PBX Autorocker is the fastest autococker ever produced. It is capable of an astounding 33bps (it is capable of this due to the MQ valve as well as a revolutionary 5-way front solenoid), has a fully function eye sytem and an LCD board. This is as good as it gets, and about as rare as it gets.

This specific guns history:
This very marker was the given to PBX's head web designer as a gift. The marker was initially put together by the creator himself, and was used sparsely for a year or two. From then on the marker went into storage and had not seen the light of day. Armory recieved this marker directly from its first owner, the head web designer for PBX, who did their hosting. He traded this very marker to Armory in an "untested" condition as the last of the last PBX Autorocker prototypes to ever be completed. From there the marker was sent directly to a friend and owner of another PBX, a rare someone familiar with them.

This marker was then completely dissasembled, inspected, service, and reconstructed from the ground up. At the same time the upgrades you see were installed, and the completed project was shipped back to Armory. It is working flawlessly, as is kept in a padded suitcase which is kept in a climate controlled environment.


•One of five working models in existence, PBX Autorocker prototype
•PBX factory midblocked body with shuttle block, bolt and black pullpin
•PBX prototype frame
•PBX prototype LCD board and code
•PBX prototype 5-way front solenoid
•Full MQ valve (some MQ valves can be tempermental, this one has NO history of problems)
•Fully functioning factory eye system
•Dual detents
•Bob Long alias trigger with bearing mod
•CCM Midrise feedneck
•Shocktech VA
•Macdev Gladiator Reg
•Planet Eclipse Nexus Ram
•Plaent Eclipse Nexus QEV pair
•Planet Eclipse Nexus LPR
•WGP frontblock
•Dye .45 grips
•WGP direct mount on/off ASA
•Dye 12" one piece "oldschool" style UL (extremely hard to find, porportions the gun perfectly).
•This is an incredible small, light, efficient and fast autococker, hence the "autorocker nickname
•Armory feels safe saying that this is one of, if not the best condition PBX Autorocker prototype in existence (lowest "mileage" so to speak, been in storage most of its life)

Bob Long Ripper Victory: PENDING


-Gloss purple and dust white factory anno (limited color run, only 3-5 produced)
-Supercharged engine
-Bob Long 2 piece 14" matching barrel with two backs
-Bob Long leverlock feedneck
-Bob Long edition GatWrap XL
-Bob Long white grips
-Pressure Tester
-Small Rebuild kit
-Original box with sleeve

Bob Long "Grim Reaper" Lasered Closer: $525 FIRM


-Custom, beautifully lasered Bob Long Closer
-Lasering says "Death, be not proud. though some have called thee mighty and dreadful, thou art no so"
-Proficiency engine
-4C eyes
-Bob Long 360 Reg
-Dragon double finger style trigger
-Marq'd for Death grips
-Bob Long gear drive on/off ASA
-Bob Long 2 piece 14" barrel
-Excellent condition
-Cycles, but will need a new cup seal (costs $25 from BL factory direct)

Bob Long Ripper 3: $495 FIRM


-1 of 148 ripper 3 bodies ever produced
-Lightest of all of the gen 4 timmies produced
-Bob Long Vice pillow bolt
-Bob Long frenzy board
-Bob Long newest gen front block and LPR
-Bob Long 360 reg
-S-class trigger
-Bob Long cam drive on/off ASA
-Contract killer grips
-Bob Long 2 piece 14" barrel
-Excellent condition

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Bob Long Shocktech Alias: $450 FIRM


-Rare shocktech PL milled alias
-PL shocktech parts include: Body, frame, LPR, Trigger guard
-Bob Long Frenzy board
-Shocktech Supafly bolt
-Bob Long 360 reg
-Kila Magnetic detents
-Virtue laser eyes (blue)
-Critical trigger
-Newest gen front block
-Empire grips (rare)
-Hybrid hedloc feedneck
-CP ram cap
-Hybrid rail
-Bob Long cam drive on/off ASA
-Bob Long mini psi guage
-Kila blue screw kit
-Excellent condition

Bob Long Closer: $435 FIRM


-Gloss red closer with gloss black accents
-Quick disconnect pillow bolt
-4C eyes
-Russian Legion (RL) Feedneck
-Bob Long 360 reg
-S-class trigger
-Bob Long marq'd grips
-Bob Long rail
-Bob Long cam drive on/off ASA
-Aftermarket back cap (Different milling)
-Bob Long 1 piece 14" barrel (new)

Dye DM8: $435 FIRM


Dye DM8: $435 FIRM

-Hard to find dust black to blue fade Dye DM8
-Virtue Board
-TechT bolt
-CP shorty reg
-CP continuous flow plug
-Critical trigger (so smooth)
-Dye blue Sticky grips
-Hand adjustable clamping feedneck
-Dye airport on/off ASA
-Dye 2 piece 14" UL barrel
-Great overall condition

Bob Long Closer: $425 FIRM


-Hard to find anno, gloss sky blue BL Closer
-Tadao Musashi board
-4C eyes
-Bob Long 360 reg
-Bob Long S class trigger
-Bob Long blue marq panel grips
-CP direct mount ASA
-Brand new Bob Long 1 piece 14" barrel
-Excellent condition

Dye DM3 / Gen E Toxic Matrix: $425 FIRM


-Original gloss candy apple red Gen E Matrix / Dye DM3
-PL Milled Toxic parts: Body, frame, breach, volumizers, breach rod, snatch grip
-Freeflow acidwash bolt kit
-Freeflow anderson board
-Milled for breakbeam eyes (works great)
-Extra Toxic breach (also milled for eyes, has the coveted toxic jewels intact on it)
-CP mini reg with gauge
-CCM midrise feedneck
-Dye DM4 grips
-CP rail
-CP mini on/off ASA
-Gen E Matrix 1 piece 14" barrel (jewel intact)
-Excellent condition

Bob Long 2k5 Dragon Intimidator: $415 FIRM


-Excellent condition Bob Long Dragon intimidator body (beautiful fade), -tapped to accept 2k5 style front blocks (such as the one on this marker)
-Bob Long 2k5 frame
-Bob Long 2k5 front block
-Bob Long volumizer
-2k5 style LPR
-Frenzy board
-Hybrid Hedloc feedneck
-Bob Long torpedo reg
-CP adjustable ram cap
-Aftermarket trigger
-Ashcroft gauge
-XSV low profile duckbill ASA
-Bob Long longshot barrel
-Excellent condition

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Bob Long Dark Intimidator: $395 FIRM


-Superman color scheme gloss red and blue Warped Sportz Dark timmy
-Dark body with jewel intact
-Bob Long 2k5 frame with alias trigger guard, jewels intact
-Bob Long frenzy board
-Bob Long torpedo reg
-Bob Long bolt
-CP rake trigger
-CP ram cap
-Bob Long Empire grips (hard to find)
-Bob Long twist lock feedneck
-Mini rail
-CP mini on/off ASA
-Dye 2 piece 14" UL barrel (.688 back)
-Great overall condition

Bob Long Abomb Intimidator: $395 FIRM


-Private label atomix abomb intimidator
-Beautiful gloss blue anno with black accents
-Atomix Abomb jewels intact (RARE)
-Evil Detonator reg
-Hybrid hedloc feedneck
-Hybrid adjustable ram cap
-NDZ micro rail
-NDZ micro on/off ASA
-Excellent condition

Bob Long Empire Intimidator: $395 FIRM


-Bob Long private label Empire 1 Intimidator
-Factory gloss black to red fade (all original empire 1 parts)
-Frenzy 127.4 board
-Original Empire 1 milled LPR
-Matching Empire 1 milled frame
-Bob Long torpedo reg
-Bob Long twist lock feedneck
-CP direct moun on/off ASA (Pin is always in the engaged position)
-CP 1 piece 14" barrel (.689 bore)
-Excellent condition

Bob Long Rapper: $375 FIRM


-Gloss red BL rapper body with black accents
-Built from leftover BL stock, this gun has seen less than a case of paint! $115 FULL service done.
-Freshly serviced and built from the ground up by a BL factory tech
-Tadao board
-Quick disconnect pillow bolt
-Bob Long 360 reg
-Bob Long 2c eyes
-Bob Long Marq grips (black/red)
-Bob Long direct mount ASA
-S-class trigger
-No breach wear, more evidence of the condition of this marker
-Brand new Bob Long 1 piece 14" barrel

DP Threshold: $350 FIRM


-Only 500 of these markers were ever produced (roughly 25 in each color)
-Milling is so extensive, DP's milling machines would run for 24 hours and only produce 7 bodies (almost 4 hours per body alone)
-7th Element board
-7th Element trigger
-Extremely simply bolt, very few o-rings
-Extremely lightweight (around 2.2lbs with everything)
-DP RAPS on/off ASA
-Dangerous power clamping feedneck
-Dangerous power 2 piece 14" barrel
-All original threshold parts (milling-wise)
-Original box and manual
-Blank factory warranty card (fill it out and its like you bought it new for $550)
-Excellent condition

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Dye DM7: $350 FIRM


-Factory dust black to cobalt fade Dye DM7
-Hyper 2 reg
-Dye airport on/off ASA
-Dye reach trigger
-Aftermarket clamping feedneck
-Padded carrying case (proto)
-Dye 2 piece 14" UL tip (has tip wear, otherwise great condition)

Bob Long 2k2 Dragon Intimidator: $350 FIRM


-Factory fade gloss black to green fade dragon intimidator with Chrome accents
-Shocktech Supafly bolt
-Bob Long frenzy board
-Bob Long torpedo reg
-Dragon parts include; Body, LPR, trigger guard)
-Texas Storm trigger
-Bob Long twist lock feedneck
-CP 1 piece 14" barrel
-Dye psi gauge
-Bob Lond direct mount ASA

Naughty Dogs Bob Long Intimidator: $350 FIRM


-Gloss black to red fade ND Timmy, PL pawprint milled body
-Infamous Tadao board
-Bob Long torpedo reg
-Bob Long alias bolt
-Jockstrap mod (goes over trigger screw, organizes hosing better)
-Critical trigger
-Adjustable ram cap
-Hybrid hedloc feedneck
-Newest gen LPR (has some tool marks)
-CP rail
-Kapp on/off ASA with red fitting
-Great overeall condition

Shocktech Hookup Ebladed Autococker: $315 FIRM


-Hard to find Shocktech Hookup series Autococker body in factory dust red
-Original matching backblock, VA, and feedneck
-Planet Eclipse E1 Eblade
-Planet Eclipse ZeroB board
-Shocktech Supafly bolt with WGP pullpin
-Shocktech gloss red (rare color) LPR
-Shocktech Ram
-Aftermarket reg (similar to torpedo reg)
-Aftermarket ASA
-Shocktech Lower internals
-Shocktech beavertail
-Matching 2 piece 14" barrel
-Just recently teched and tuned by PaintballGateway
-Excellent condition

Smart Parts Dynasty SFT shocker: SOLD


-Factory gloss dynasty blue private label '05 Dynasty SFT shocker
-Dynasty body jewels intact (rare)
-Dynasty milled body, frame (DYNASTY is spelled on the back of the frame), -VA, reg, and snatch grip
-7th element board
-HE bolt and HE firing can
-Freeflow bolt guide
-FBM Delrin rake trigger
-SPD "rogue status" panel grips (some minor wear, feel great)
-CCM midrise feedneck (Looks to have been threaded in and JB welded as well, extremely sturdy)
-Custom milled PE rail
-PE OOPS on/off ASA
-Gun is currently blind (shoots flawlessly eyes off), but an EXTRA working eye will be included!

Infinity Legend: $275 FIRM


-Dust blue V2 infinity legend
-CP shorty reg
-Hybrid .45 grips
-Clamping feedneck
-Function push button on/off ASA
-CP 1 piece 14" V2 barrel
-Original box and original manual
-Original blank warranty card (for collectors)
-Excellent condition, could probably pass for new (will not find another legend in this condition, let alone with the box!)

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Proto PMR11: $235 FIRM


-Composite Ultralite frame
-Hyper 3 reg
-Proto dovetail ASA
-Jewels intact
-Steel braided hose
-Blank warranty card
-Small rebuild kit
-Original case/manual
-Excellent condition

Proto PM5: $165 FIRM


-Factory dust blue Proto PM5
-Hyper 2 reg (some nicks, all pictured, purely cosmetic and does not affect performance)
-CCM midrise feedneck
-CP rake trigger
-CP rail
-CP mini on/off ASA
-Proto 1 piece 12" matching barrel
-All proto jewels intact
-Small parts kit (o-rings, springs/screws etc)
-Original stock feedneck included
-Tube of Dye Slick lube included
-Original box included (hard to find for a pm5)
-Great overall condition

1998 LED Angel: $135 FIRM


-Gloss black Pre-2k Angel LED
-Extremely strong battery, board held a charge for over a year for the previous owner
-"Heat" Board, Full auto
-Shocktech adjustable trigger guard
-Kapp Volumizer
-Twist lock feedneck
-WDP reg
-Double finger trigger
-Infinity 1 piece barrel
-Shocktech rail
-Shocktech ASA
-Car charger included and working great
-Dye Sticky grip
-Very little wear considering its almost 15 years old
-Originally retailed for $1,385 new (hard to remember isn't it?)
-Great overall condition for its age

ICD Bushmaster X-Mill: $95 FIRM


-PL Vapor X-mill bushmaster
-Vapor jewel intact
-Planet Eclipse reg
-Empire Nano feedneck
-32 Degrees drop forward
-32 Degress on/off ASA
-Stainless Steel (SS) 1 piece 14" barrel
-Stock barrel
-Excellent condition for its age

Need something? I do all of the following, JUST PM ME!:

1). Electronic guns

2). Hopper Sales

3). Reg & ASA Sales

4). Barrel Sales

5). Shocker Part Outs

6). Autococker Part Outs

7). Timmy Part Outs

8). Dye / Proto Part Outs

9). DM3 Part Outs

10). Ego Part Outs

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That's my old green and black fade dragon! Looks different now.

It should be noted that the body is also drilled to accept a 2k5 frontblock. Crankwalk on IOG did this service for me.

That being said, I have some markers and gear I'd be willing too trade,

I'm interested to see what you'd be willing to trade for any of my markers or gear. I'd be willing to do a 241 or 341 if the deal is right. Just let me know if any of my gear catches your attention and we can go from there.

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pm'd. Trades accepted people, lets put some of these guns in new homes!
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bump for a great seller and a guy who takes care of his stuff!
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Is the feedneck removable on the Shocktech cocker?
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