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Gunhero's "Must Have at Any Price" List. 14+ Guns

I thought I'd post this here since I've been getting an overwhelming flood of PMs about selling some of my guns out of the vault.
Nothing is for sale, but everything has a price that I'd very hesitantly sell for.

Here's a handful of my markers hesitantly listed with sale values I will accept. If you MUST have them at any price:

09 SFL - 950
Eclipse Aurora Autococker - 5000
Dark Matter Viking - 1250
Immortal Viking - 2000
DCFL-1 - 2000
DCFL-2 - 2000
Highlander Viking - 1750
04 Streamline Excalibur - 1600
Shocktech Trauma Matrix - 700
Lockout Matrix - 750
Cobra Mamba LCD - 550
Impact LCD - 450
Ripper 1 - 950
Shocktech DM4 - 500

Pictures of most of my markers can be found here: PbNation's Curator's Corner Sub-Forum. I am a Forum Captain/Mod here.
Prices are OBO and can be worked out. But don't expect me to budge much.
I expect this list to be up for a while as I don't expect everything to be sold very quickly at all, though some may go very quickly and I wouldn't be surprised. This list will also be posted on a number of other sites as well.
Markers that I didn't list carry an even higher price tag, but if you must, PM me about any of my guns.

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Damn I miss my Cobra Mamba LCD
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Such an epic list of win
Old Collection
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Thanks 711
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I didnt want to clutter your other thread since its full of actual interest and whatnot, bud damn I wish I had $7500.

and not the aroura
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