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Falcone 12-13-2012 07:05 PM

NXT Shocker- Hybrid Modified lasered, virtue, CP.
Well guys, short and sweet, picking up a couple markers so some have to go.

NXT Shocker

Hybrid Modified laser engraving
Virtue board
Dye on/off
Stock AA barrel
Clear SP grips - had off in the video just for easy battery access.

I got this shocker with a bad board/ leaks. Swapped the board out, greased it up works good.But it seems the eye logic is backwards. I believe its just a setting on the board as its both breakbeam/ reflective eye. The eyes do work, just seem to work backwards. Finger in breach= no shot, finger out = shot. I'll look up the manual in the meantime. But as always, sales are as is. Who knows how badly the post man is going to dicker with it before repacking it and sending it on its way..

Sold sold sold

VIDEO \/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/\/

Falcone 12-16-2012 08:18 PM

Bump -$20

$280 shipped, willing to look at nice non stock WGP' bodied cockers, or anything really try it out.

{TOBEY} 12-17-2012 10:09 AM

Any interest in a dust black etek 2 with cure 2, zick kit,hard case and kohns lasering?

Falcone 12-17-2012 10:26 AM

More so looking to sell or for older rarer guns. But pm me some pictures if you could. Can't hurt to look.

tiny 12-17-2012 01:01 PM

Interested in a tiberius pistol or a GX3 sniper?

Falcone 12-17-2012 07:47 PM

Ill have to pass on them tiny, thanks though.

Falcone 12-19-2012 10:19 AM

Bump this. Willing to haggle a bit on the price, just shoot me an offer.

Falcone 12-21-2012 07:41 PM

Bump - $5

Falcone 12-22-2012 12:16 PM

Bump this up.

I'll trade it for a new Hammer7 to hack up and some cash.

Falcone 12-23-2012 11:11 PM

Bump it up

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