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Broken NXT Shocker and Accessories. Will part out.

Hey folks. Today I've got a broken NXT Shocker for sale or trade. I will part out but only for a good price. Please read over everything carefully. Thanks for looking.

Blue NXT Shocker (09??)

( PLEASE READ!!! ) Top board is broken and I believe that the solenoid is blown. Both will need to be replaced. That is all the problems I know of at the moment. When I shot it last it was leaking from the grip frame/trigger and when I took it apart I broke the top board.

I would like to sell as a whole but I will part out the gun and parts for the right price. Prices will be listed below and are OBO. I'm willing to haggle. Please PM if you have any questions.

Trades of Interest- Autocockers, Automags, Electros, offer anything.

If you buy it as a whole it will come with the everything pictured. I will sell the gun for cheaper without the Freak barrel.

Just the body w/ feedneck, gripframe and guts, poody modded bolt, grips, eyes, broken top board, titanium barrel, stock trigger, Violent Trigger, CP Reg, CP asa and solenoid- $125 or $170 with the Freak barrel.

Poody Modded Bolt- $60

Freak barrel with Shocker threaded back, Autococker back, .684 insert, .679 insert and .677 insert- $60 shipped or just the Autococker back for $20 shipped.

Titanium Paintball Barrel Shocker Threaded .684- $20 shipped

Violent Series Trigger Shocker Trigger - $20 shipped

CP Reg- $30 shipped

CP ASA- $20 shipped

Stock Shocker Trigger- $10 shipped

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was it just venting through the manifold vent or is the solenoid legit gushing air?
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It wasn't gushing out but it was leaking pretty heavily. I'm not for certain where exactly on the solenoid it was leaking.
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This is a legit guy everyone. Do not be afraid to buy his stuff. Free up~
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My friends talked me into keeping it. So I'm locking this.

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