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Legendary Peg Board
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Gunhero5's Collection, Legendary Pegboard

I've decided to pursue my doctorate degree, and with family additions to be expected, giving up the thing I love most for life's other responsibilities is the only reason valid enough for me to have this sale.

So without further ado....

My collection, legendary pegboard.

__________________________________________________ _______________
Prices aren't firm unless noted. Motivated to sell

Demonic Matrix
Tez Patel's (owner of Roughneck Paintball and Team Demonic) personal Matrix. Tez is responsible for the creation of the uber rare Demonic autocockers, as you can see by the design resemblance's, but this time, in a buttery smooth, 1 of 1 spool gun. $950

'The Gator' Concept Ironmen Matrix
Presented to Duane and Rich as one of the possible styles for the Ironmen Matrix that didn't follow through. 1 of a kind. Absolutely a beast of a Matrix that looks straight up Evil. $2000 semi firm

The Flagged Ironmen Matrix Prototype
The ORIGINAL #1 Ironmen Matrix. Milled by Duane Parsons in collaboration with Rich Telford. Has 'Flags' milled on the side instead of the typical 'tear drops' seen on all the other Ironmen's. Custom frame, bolt, breech, etc. This gun has has history and was game used by legends. $900
The original design had something that looked like flags on the side but, after producing that, the team came up with the 3 teardrops instead for the production guns.
- Duane Parsons

Entity Matrix
If you know what this is, you know what it is. The crown jewel of the Matrix. What else can I say? $3500

XSV Matrix
Only one of its kind. I don't think Sacramento XSV was ever sponsored or formally required to use Matrix markers, so this is a pretty special specimen. Made by Duane Parsons for Rich Telford as a present from his wife, Gina. Duane is the same man responsible for the original work on the Ironmen Matrices. His nickname, Mr. 2tenths, represents the measurement of two ten-thousandths of an inch. A ten thousandths of an inch is as small as machinist measures by hand and is the amount that the machines that make the pieces can hold parts to. That is to say the machines themselves can hold no better than 2 ten thousandths of an inch. What he is saying by using that name is that he machines to perfection.

Thanks to Jack Rice (of Alien Paintball) for that nickname information.

This is probably my fastest Matrix. Cali guns should be as such. $1800 semi firm SOLD

A grizzly bear milled on the passenger side, representing California's state animal.

XSV is milled into the trigger guard.

'03 Streamline Excalibur
The last remaining '03 Streamline Excaliburs in the Mardi Gras Jurassic Goo color scheme that's not drilled for eyes. VIRGIN. $950

The ever elusive Thunderstruck Bushmaster. 1 of 6, and 1 of 3 that are accounted for. $350 SOLD

Zero Tolerance
1 of 12 Zero Tolerance Bushmaster (Only one accounted for). $275 SOLD

Early Jason Chipley Team Pump
Jason Chipley's one-of-a-kind, early team gun he built and milled before he founded CCM. Supposedly the pump that started it all. Has a Kapp slider, dual pump rods, a custom pump guide rod, a delrin tipped AKA Lightning Bolt, and beautiful milling. After contacting Mel @ CCM to see if she knew more about it, she excitedly replied with this:

That is an o-l-l-l-d gun!!
Jason Chipley did the machining on it for sure, but I do believe that was Garett Maxwell's gun. He was our (CCM's) first tech and design guy who worked and played forever with Jason. ...where did you pick that up at?
- Mel@CCM
This explains why it's one of the nicest shooting and feeling guns in my collection, no contest.

$925 SOLD

Powerlyte Merlin
These are Merlins done by Powerlyte as prototype/show guns. 1 of ~10. If you're old school, you'll notice that these are nearly identical to the FoN Merlins (Force of Nature), which are also very rare (about 13 FoN Merlins were made for the team). Fantastic frame. $475 SOLD

Aces High Merlin
Young Choi, owner of Aces High Paintball in Washington (circa 1999) was responsible for making these. Now, this marker was one I sold a long time ago and one of the few I regretted doing so. As luck would have it, it's come full circle and is now in my possession again in the same condition I sold it in. I'm really glad to have this one back.
I tracked down Mr. Choi to ask him a few questions about these, since I've only ever come across this one and Wolf's yellow/green one- and here's what he had to say:
There are a total of 17 floating out there. 10 of the first run, 7 of the second. Wolf13 owned one from the first batch, but yours is one of the second batches that we made. Everyone loved the color scheme and they sold quite fast. We used different parts as far as the front block goes and used a screw to balance the sear spring better. We did away with with trying to polish the trigger plate and went with ANS trigger plates as we tried to get the shortest and snappiest trigger pull. We also did more extensive milling on the second batch guns.
-Young Choi

Un-numbered Rudy Dean Prototype
A custom 1-off Rudy Dean autococker made by an employee for himself. This particular one was left un-numbered, with Rudy himself the only other person who owns the un-numbered Rudy Dean autocockers. His would very likely be prototypes. These were built by Rudy Dean with the idea of creating the ultimate low pressure autococker. The LPR is located where the HPR would typically be, so this requires the use of an adjustable regulated tank (Max-Flo, Conquest, etc.) or a preset screw-in tank coupled with something like a Palmer's female regulator. The Air then gets shot directly into the valve chamber through the elongated LPC looking part in the front block. About 150 numbered Rudy Dean Autocockers were made. An easy way to tell a Rudy Dean Body from anything else is the lack of any sort of detent system on most of his creations. $1200

Chris Shanks Spine V (1 of 6)
A small private run of autocockers made by Chris Shanks of Planet Eclipse. All 6 bodies were milled to look different. This is #5 of those six, the lightest body out of the bunch. Incredible machine of a gun. $1200

This is another nearly unobtainable gun. The Wraith was a limited run by Dragon Designz, circa '03-04 . 'Like so many other custom cocker startups, this one made a very limited run and disappeared.'
This gun is LIGHT. It's on par with a twister, if not lighter. Only 7 exist.
Black to Red fade $3000 SOLD

Shades of Orange. Light orange -> dark orange -> light orange fade w/ reverse splash $3200 SOLD

Jackal Phase II
These were machined by Jeremy Garrett of Jackal Machine, son of Terry Garrett of G3PB. G3PB at the time set the bar for customer service, but just a few years later left the Paintball scene to pursue other endeavors. The company also made other cockers (more commonly seen: RDL), but Phase IIs were mainly showpieces, many of which came as kits instead of a full marker. These are pretty cool, as you may notice that the back block spans in towards the center overlapping part of the body. It's not often that bolts are match ano'd either! $700

BPS Twister
Exemplary example of a Micro mini, Clamshell, convertible, P-block, left feed! An uber rare configuration. $975 SOLD

Planet Eclipse Aurora
Planet Eclipse made 12 of these Aurora autocockers. The process called spectrum physical vapor deposition(?) causes a very high and narrow amount of electricity to pass through the metal to give it its prism finish. It is NOT the same as "oil slick". I have yet to confirm the rumors that of the 12 made, 5 left the factory as undrilled mechanicals. Planet Eclipse stopped doing this process because it was just too expensive for the return they expected.
But I digress..
This one is UNDRILLED
This is THE most complete original Eclipse Aurora you will find, down to the match ano'd TRIGGER. $4000 semi firm

'99 P&P Super Cocker Limited Edition
Cesare Pizzo's Westwood killer, the LE supercocker is an absolute beast of a high end cocker. Built completly to order, with a heart attack price of $1850 ($1975 with black ice unireg) without HPA system or loader, the LE is one of the most expensive paintball guns ever to hit the market. Using some of the best parts on the market (including P&P's excellent 45 frame (front and rear trigger guide screws) that even BBT adopted), it could be had with virtually any option for pnuematics and internals. I have only seen pictures of four of the LE's (the lesser super's are far more common, though still very rare), and only two for sale in the last few years (by the same seller). Finding an Aurora is easier then finding one of these, especially in mint condition.

P&P also used some of the most distinctive annoes for their supercockers including a multicolor acid wash or splash with a faded splash over top. For anyone keeping track, typical price for something like this could easily approach $500. Like all P&P cockers, this has the edition engraved just in front of the feedneck "SuperCocker 99" on one side and "limited Edition" on the other. Trust me when I say this is a beautiful anno, and well ahead of its time.
$1250 SOLD

2001 P&P Super Cocker Limited Edition
According to the original owner, this special order Super Cocker ran him nearly $4,000 out the door.
$1850 semi firm SOLD

Revenge V1
This V1 is one of the rare full body models. Most all Revenge V1s were mini'd from birth. I can safely say that I've seen 4 or less full bodies. There were a handful of small shops that put out differently milled bodies to those common V1s with two "swoosh" like lines. This one was milled by one of the small shops and the lines are very very intricate, which couples with the camo ano in a very interesting way. Also, notice that the front block was milled to match the rest of the gun- a feature very uncommon to the Revenge line. $700

Revenge V2 Limited Edition - Jurassic Goo
The most sought after Revenge on the most sought after ano scheme. $2000 SOLD

JMJ Featherlite Merlin
The all elusive JMJ Featherlite Body Full Length UNDRILLED, Custom Single trigger frame milled for inline 3 way linkage (Inline 3 way Linkage created by acid custom), Raw sst inline regulator, Scm3, Hollow point 3way, Belsales magnum 44 ram, etc. All it needs is ano. $1500

Dark Aurora Ripper
It's a Ripper... in Dark Aurora.. Doesn't get much more badass. $2500

Prototype Westwood
Nicknamed the Dragon fly, because of it's stacked 4-scoop design. If you thought normal Westwoods were rare.... $2200 SOLD

__________________________________________________ _________________________________________________
I don't want to necessarily sell these, and the price reflects that.

Gary Noblett's BBT Custom Aftershock
This is one of those pieces that is so unique in history and what its accomplished, that one can't help but feel a little 'starstruck' or 'empowered' while holding it.
This is Gary Noblett's '98 Team Aftershock BBT Custom he used to help Aftershock become one of the most prominent and dominating teams in paintball history, winning the '99 NPPL World Cup and appearing in the video PUSH (where Gary is regarded as 'the best cover fire player to have ever played the game').
Built from the ground up by BBT's Danny Love, the trigger on this is perhaps the culmination of the Shocktech philosophy, it is incredibly smooth and light. I have to say, this is probably the fastest mechanical 'cocker trigger I have ever shot. The anodizing fades from a blue to a dark purple at the back, and the match anodized stock continues the fade in full extension. The little logo does not say "Shocktech" like the rest of their autocockers, instead it says "Team Aftershock" on both sides. The .685 Boomstick is also custom milled to match the front block. This was a performance piece that emphasized performance; note the brass ram, extra high smokestack and vented milled feedneck, and dual wire detents both in front of and behind the ball (Just like the BBT SFL Prototype): A novel concept at the time.
Anyone who doubts the difference between a normal autococker and one built by a master for a teammate, this is the gun that should be spotlighted. $5000

'The Two-Face' Evolution X
This Evo X was milled as a historic piece to show the diference between a stock cocker and evo, and is the only one Belsales ever 1/2 milled, so it needed a 1/2 ano job, too. Dubbed "The 2-Face". An early (and internally 1-of a kind) Evolution Angry frame in two-finger slider form was made for it, along with other 1-off features not found on other Evolution Xs. It's regarded as the Grandfather of the Evolution X line of autocockers. A matching half blue, half black Halo was also made to be used with it. It's creator was "DB" of Belsales. If it's an Evo or Belsales part made in the last 10 years, chances are he had a hand in its design, assembly, and fruition. $8000


The Revenge V3
Some guns are so unique and rare that their existence is nearly legendary, and to own one is a dream. Satco 700, Pheonix, RTP Auto-Viper, Revenge V3; all names that make the knowledgeable sit up and take notice. To a fan of AKA, cockers or oddballs in general, the V3 has a mystique all its own. Although two or three are rumored to exist, according to a former owner; Mike at Splat Attack built only a prototype and this one. The prototype was then destroyed. I have heard a lot of opinions and rumors stating otherwise, but I know I have never seen another one, though it would not surprise me if Mike kept one.
Although the the rear mounted ram is not new (Eyeball, Whither's and Nestle's work predated it by a few years), it does feature a few interesting evolutions, namely the internal air passage as well as the enhancements of the Revenge line. The roundbody Revenge V2 LE's introduction at the same time became the cap of the Revenge line and the V3 became just a footnote in history.

Rear mounted ram:

__________________________________________________ _____________________________________________

Everything for sale as is. Everything in great condition unless otherwise noted. Some guns require tuning and oil to your preference.
Some items like ULs or Sidewinders/2Litres aren't included.

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And I can't afford any of these. Awesome collection
Be kind and leave feedback:
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Legendary Peg Board
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Prices aren't absolutely firm. Motivated seller!
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jimini jumpin jesus christ!!!!

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Legendary Peg Board
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Clamshell Twister sold.
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Wow, that's an unbelievable collection.
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Just... wow. That Bushmaster is killer (something I never thought I'd say)!

Hopefully you're holding on to a few guns?
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