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Traded with the OP. Gave me a tracking number that has been delayed since the OP mailed the package. Been 2-3weeks n tracking is still under delayed status. This is just a precautionary message for future people that see this thread
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Wish I could have warned you..
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Originally Posted by Thehitman004 View Post
Wish I could have warned you..
Why did he do the same?!

I didn’t send him my end. He showed me a receipt of a medium flat rate box charge which is impossible to fit all dye dam n box rotor with the case. He told me the clerk made a mistake n charge him a medium flat rate fee. Then he went on n on about sending him my end, he would call the cops on me, telling me I am scamming him.

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I was going to trade him a laptop and turns out I only lived a few hours away so I told him I'll just drive out there and he kept giving me bs excuses that he couldn't meet he said he thought I was going to rob him so I suggested meeting at his local police station he said the only way we could do this is if we ship same time so I figured he was just trying to scam me.
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Then 2 weeks later he sends me a medium flatrate tracking number randomly.
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This thread has been closed.
Please be careful when dealing with new members on the forum. Fortunately it appears in this case nobody has lost anything on these transactions. As a reminder, we as moderators may try to help resolve issues but our official policy is as follows.

ADENDUM: From time to time a sale on MCB does not go as planned. Often buyers and sellers whose transactions were not completed in a satisfactory manner will contact a moderator for help with a resolution.

MCB is not responsible for incomplete transactions: This is the internet and a 'buyer beware' policy is expected to be understood by all members. MCB does not profit from the sales section, and makes no guarantees or assurances regarding these transaction. MCB offers a FEEDBACK area for all sales. IF a member has an issue with a sale he or she may make 1 post detailing their experience in a feedback thread. The feedback thread is not a place for dialogue; only for a recounting of an experience from either or both sides of the transaction.

If a buyer or seller feels that they have been treated unfairly or a product was not delievered, it is up to this member to take the necessary steps to achieve a satisfactory remedy. These steps may include contacting paypal, contacting the local authorities or a lawyer. The burden of following this process rests with the complainant.

MCB moderators are not in a position to deliver a financial remedy, or force the hand of another member based on a transaction with which MCB staff had no part. MCB moderators adopt a 'hands off policy' in all such matters, but reserve the right to issue infractions or bans at all times for unacceptable behaviour as per the existing rules.

If you are unhappy with a transaction, please follow these steps: contact the member via p.m. or telephone. IF no resolution is obtained please attempt a remedy via the feedback thread, local authorities, or other means.
If someone has actually been scammed by this person please send a PM or report the post or message to the moderation staff.
Originally Posted by Mar View Post
No one is judge/jury/executioner here.
Originally Posted by Harbinger[TG] View Post
I must have missed that memo

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