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1of2 Destructive Customs Featherlite Super FSP Viking New Lower price!

The 1 of 2 Destructive Customs Featherlite Super FSP Viking, AKA DF-1
Ok Guys, for you of those that know, I waited and spent allot of time on this marker. Both DC and JMJ had a hand in the milling, and Anotech took their sweet time of 7-8 months on ano for her. She's one of if not Thee lightest and nicest Viking made. She's well under 2 lbs for just the gun, and has all the best parts on it, bar none. Stopped keeping count on how much she costed when the total hit 3 grand...yes I spent WAY to much money on her. I'm in no rush to get rid of her, not willing to let her go for any thing less then 2 Grand (in trades), Look below for reasons but the Cash price is $1500.

I'll go ahead and list some of the features she has over a stock viking, and besides the milling:

-BP Feedneck
-Tadao m5
-dc volumizer
-2-liter with larger extention
-Matched complete Pipe kit, every back matched as well as the tip.
-shocktech on/off asa with micro drop matched anoed included
-Shortened bolt to the max, with cut bolt pin.
-quad denetents (Had plans for quad detents before aka came out with them)
-Custom cut JMJ double swing trigger with no swing
-Lazer engraving titling the marker as well as anti-sp logos under the tray, as well as identifiers under the eye covers.
-Lightest trigger frame DC ever did, 3/4 of a ounce lighter then there normal milling offered, even lighter then the DCF-2, making it the lighter of the 2.
-Matched Black to red fade Halo B with v35 and rip drive, and red carbon fiber back plate with super durrable button.

I think that may be all but it's prolly not, I'll update it as I see differences and pictures of every thing when I get the time.

Note, the missing cap is just not there because these pictures were taken when I first got her, and DC some how forgot to ship it to me...that was fixed fast

Updated Pictures:

The internal engraving:

Ok I'll try and descibe some of the milling we did.

Of course what's on the outside is apparent, although many do not relise that the swirll milling on these guns are reverse the direction of other JMJ guns, this gives is a special aspect that others do not have. The asa mjilling as done with a little meat left on. This gives it a better look and does not really make a difference on the scale, as the difference removed from this one and a normal FSP vikings are not measurable.

The inside of the gun is of course all milled, the Butt crack is deaper then most is done, and the highlander cut was taken to the max of what is accepable. The ano....yah I don't have to comment on that.

REDUCED ASKING PRICE I'm asking HALF of what I paid at $1500 in CASH, trade offer must still total up to 2 grand as previously requested. $1500 should be sent via insured MO's so to avoid paypal fees. Reason why I have dropped this price? UI've been to the Motorcycle dealership 15 times in a short period and I REALLY want a motorcycle.
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I really wish I could justify purchasing this, but I just haven't been able to sell my other items and generate the cash.

This is undoubtedly the most incredible Viking I've ever seen. Good luck with the sale, I'll just have the pictures to oogle as desktop backgrounds...
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sexiest gun ever seen
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Just amazing. Best of luck selling

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trade you my kidney
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Im amazed this hasnt sold yet...

If I had the money, you know this would be mine.
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Hmmm well i cant offer cash but i could maybe intrest you in an offer that would sell faster and get you cash faster. What I have to offer is my personal custom annoed x-mag plus full phantom package wich totals out at about 1600 dollars worth of stuff. You would in all likleyhood have alot easyer time selling it than you would your viking considering the high demand for x-mags plus i know atleast 8 people on pbnation and AO that would be foaming at the mouth to get it. It now has a brand new board and comes with charger and al thatorifinal good stuff. The phantom package is ablack/silver acid washed phantom with an extra matching vertical feed body plus some other goodies and extras.

Heres the link to the x-mag

And heres the link to the phantom package.

You can view my ebay feedback here

And my pbnation feedback here

let me know what you think.
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