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Micro Invert Mini

For the heck of it I put together a Mini with a Sportshot hopper and the smallest tank and barrel I could dig up.

This would be a perfect little set up for CQB.

I was curious what the un-modded Sportshot would shoot like. I was able to get 4 shots out of it without shaking. However, the problem I saw with my Mini is that when I shook the gun, it would occasionally fire since the trigger was being shook too. Meh. I wanted a baseline before going ahead and making an agitated hopper.

Also, my tank was on exactly 3k when I started. At the end of the hopper it was on 1500psi. Not too bad...I wonder how many more shots I could squeeze out of her.

By the way, the gun at the moment is at factory default settings and chronied at 275 with that barrel.
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Reminds me of how I run my AT-10, with a hopper mag, a Winchester 50rd, and a 13ci tank it's a great way to play paintball! If only those 50rd hoppers fed a little better.
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One of those little 3 inch snub barrels I've seen on A5's would be awesome on that thing. Forget about accuracy further than you can spit though lol.
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Cut down the stock barrel to 3". It actually works surprisingly well. I did it with my A5. Prepare to crank the velocity waaaaay up though.

APP 50 round hopper instead of a sportshot might feed a little better...

I also wonder if you could flip the ASA around so you ran the tank Island Style. Now THAT would be the ultimate CQB gun.
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Originally Posted by thisissparta View Post

I also wonder if you could flip the ASA around so you ran the tank Island Style. Now THAT would be the ultimate CQB gun.
Nope. I thought the same thing, but it just doesn't line up because of the air-through grip.
Originally Posted by Axel View Post
*Please do not substitute my rantings for sound engineering advice.
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didn't put a small barrel on, but I have played with a 13/3000 and stock feed on it. Worked awesome, and hung it from my belt on a drill bungee without a problem
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I played like that with my Mini all last year. I used the APP 50 round scope hopper and a Guerrilla Air 13/3000. I loved it. I really wish you could flip the reg around though. Now I just have to find one of the snub nose Freak barrel fronts and I can run with the shorter barrel. I only had to shake a few times but I did get caught without a round in the chamber once or twice when I really needed it... I haven't resorted to making my own 100 or 50 round hopper agitating yet, though I should.

My efficiency sucked as well, I was lucky if I got 100+ shots out of the 3K (Yes, filled to 3K). Probably need some tweaking or the new poppet since I got one of the dusty boxed mini's from the top shelf in my local shop (V1.1 board). I play woodsball with it by the way.

Love the mirco mini though. You can move so fast and pop up pretty darn quick when you need to.
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I've run a small setup with 8" bizerk barrel a 140 round vl tripod and a 13 inch tank. If I play semi this is what I use.
It will typically empty the hopper and tank at the same time.
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I have run this setup for the last year and love it. Cant go back to full loader and large tank.

I primarly have run pistol the last three years but I always find one time in the all day events when a little more firepower would help. Enter the MiniMini as I like to call it. The loader is a 50 rd. Tippmann loader that I got from a local field and can not find anywhere else. I use 30rd. pods like the one in the photo to reload. I keep it on semi auto and I do have to give it a shake every once and a while to keep it feeding. Funny thing is it does not seem to happen as much anymore. I think I have just found a rythem with it.

I get 105-110 rounds ot of the 13ci tank. Plenty for my limited paint style of play.

I love the MiniMini and can not get away from it.
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That looks to be an APP hopper, talk to Titus if you are looking for more.

EDIT: And nice setup!
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