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Making the mini's trigger stiffer???

I'm looking at getting a mini and I'm wondering if I can make the trigger stiffer. I know stock it has alot of slop which can be fixed by fitting a aftermarket trigger that sit on ball bearings vs just a pin. I would like the trigger to be like the eblade triggers, I really like how snappy they are.

I'm assuming its not to hard of a task since they are both optical triggers and magnet returned...but you know what they say about assuming.

Suggestions??? Thanks guys.
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You can adjust the trigger to be stiffer by adjusting the travel range to be closer to the handle.
You then just have to adjust the activation point.

You can adjust the trigger to fire anywhere from very stiff, to blowing on it.
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You can remove the slop in the trigger by shimming it with washers. I did mine, ended up using a 0.013" shim to get close as I could.. 0.014 was too large, and stiffened up the pull and it would not return.
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I added another magnet on top of the existing one to make the trigger stiffer. The magnet was very thin. Even with the trigger fully depressed, it did not hit the magnet.
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i had the same problem, i tightened up the pre/ post travle and added a shim to it and it worked fine, then i upgradded to the cp sling with the ball bearing, the magnet was so much crisper.
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